How to easily report suspicious Google Chrome websites

How to easily report suspicious Google Chrome websites

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The popular web browser offers a variety of features to ensure user safety. A good example of this is “Safe Browsing”, but it’s only effective when it knows what websites will protect you from the Internet.

That’s why the company is looking for ways to improve Google Chrome and now invites us to report pages that seem suspicious. Now there is an extension called Suspicious Site Reporter.

Thanks to that, each of us can easily report to the company for a web site that works or seems suspicious. The teacher adds another icon for the flag in the address bar that is orange in color if he finds an issue on the page.

Clicking on it will show more information on why “Suspicious reporter” identifies the site as dangerous. The only thing you need to do is click on the “Submit Report” button, says Engadget.

So, the company hopes to have feedback with all of us in order to improve the security of your browser. Google Chrome 75 offers another useful feature. It is designed to prevent the opening of links with legitimate addresses.

For example, if you try to load “”, you will receive messages in which you entered the wrong word and you will be redirected to the correct address. In this way, you can save several problems when browsing the web.

How to easily report suspicious Google Chrome websites

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