How to do SEO Yourself- The ultimate guide to improve search Ranking

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Have you ever taught of learning how to do seo yourself? perhaps you are too busy to do so but permit me to inform you that “there is nothing more important than getting organic traffic to your blog as a blogger.”

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

If God should ask me as an internet marketer to request just three things, my first to third request would be traffic, traffic and Organic traffic.

Getting traffic to your website is always your number one priority as a blogger but how can you get this traffic if you don’t know how to do SEO yourself in order to optimize your articles strategically without the help of anybody.

Without doubt, there are just two ways through which you can do seo work. You can do search engine optimization (SEO) yourself or You can hire someone to help you do it at an appropriate charges applied. What if you don’t have money as a new born blogger, how would you pay people to help you set up SEO for your blog? this could be difficult.

If you haven’t learnt how to do SEO yourself, it’s certain you cannot write seo content that will rank on Google front page as well because knowing how to do seo yourself will also enable you write well optimize articles that will rank on googles first page.

Everyday on Facebook alot of friends keep asking me ” How can i do seo myself”? How do i optimize my articles without the help of anybody? perhaps they don’t have money to pay others or they just want to learn it in order to know how to do it on their own.

I Cherish people who loves to learn and do things on their own, therefore In this article am going to give a general answer to the above questions to teach and educate you on how you can do all the seo work yourself. so pay attention as you learn the complete guide on how to seo yourself.

How to Do SEO yourself for Free

Do Seo yourself:Step1-Find the Focus Keywords You can Easily Rank For:

To be sincere, without your focused keywords you cannot easily rank on googles front page.

Make use of tools like the SEOtoolstation and Semrush to get a low competitive keywords idea.

If you can find the keywords that people are searching for which have less competition and a very low keyword difficulty you can easily rank for such keywords when you make them your focused keywords by targeting your articles on such works.

A focus keyword is the keywords you target when writing new articles e.g in this article my focused keywords is “do SEO yourself” and analysing this article properly you will understand well that am rightly targeting the focused keywords because i want to rank for it after now.

What is your Focused keywords? Don’t just write at random as a blogger. When you focus your writing on a particular keywords you will easily get ranked for such keywords. Start doing your keywords research to find lucrative keywords You can use my Guide here

Do SEO yourself: Step2-Write SEO Friendly Articles:

When writing about your Focused Keywords , make sure it’s properly optimised for search engine like Google to easily pick your keywords.

How to optimize Your Articles for SEO

  • Use SEO friendly URL: Instead of using URL structures like it will be more likely using structures like

    Use your focused keywords in your urls. it’s also a factor that determine a strong SEO for your content.

  • Start Your Post Title With the Focused Keywords: Consider adding your targeted keywords at the beginning of your post title. E.g if your focused keywords is How to do Seo yourself You may consider giving your title like:

    • How to do seo yourself-the ultimate guide
    • how to do seo yourself for free.

    Adding your focused Keywords to the beginning of your post title will increase your chances for ranking Google top page for such keywords.

  • Modifiers are great Ideas In your post Titles: Consider adding modifiers at the end of your post title.


    • how to create a blog in 2019
    • How to make money online 2019

    some of the online readers usually add modifiers when making searches so you may consider adding some at when needed. this will even make your articles appears more updated.

  • Consider Adding H1 Tag to your post title in your theme: Before you start creating articles after installing your theme make sure in your theme structure the post title is wrapped with H1 tag.

    This is because making your post title H1 will increase your chances of ranking on Google. The H1 tag will make Google understand what your entire content is all about.

  • Don’t forget that images also act: Images at times can speak louder than words, as a result Google as the top search engine also crawl images which have the
    alternative text

    An image can speak a hundred words. that implies you can increase your SEO chances by using clear precise and well optimized images in your articles.

  • Let Your Sub-Headling be in H2: In every New article you create am sure you must have sub headings if the article is well structure to seo standard

    All your headings should be wrapped in H2 tags this is relevance as it’s recommended when writing articles that will rank on Google.

  • Drop Focused Keywords first: In the body of your articles make sure your focused keywords are added in first 100 words of your post.

    Make your keywords appear at the top of your post body. this will make Google easily rank your articles for such keywords.

In all of the above steps, the Yoast SEO plugin can help you in setting them up yourself.

Do SEO yourself: Step3-Social Media Signal:

The social Signal is a way to increase your article ranking on Google.

According to an official at Google it was stated that social media is the way through which the popularity of a post is determined.

Make the social share button available on your blog. In Addition, Create profiles on many social medias and share your articles on them when ever you create new posts.

I know this could be very boring for lazy bloggers but you have to make it a duty that you must take and a task you must complete.

Do SEO yourself: Step4-Build Backlinks:

Building links in the right way can uplift your blog ranking and it can also drop your ranking if you do it otherwise.

To build quality backlinks you can manually do them with below processes.

  • Guest Posting
  • Footer Links
  • Forum Links
  • Profile Likes
  • Web directory Links
  • Comment Links

Don’t forget that link building is time consuming. as it requires time and effort to build quality links.

Ask Questions:

I have learnt that no one is an island. If you don’t know, you can ask those who already knows.

You can join Top SEO Forums to learn more about any new SEO tactics and also to hear from other experts.

Still Want more information on How to do seo yourself?

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With the above Content Writing tips and techniques to rank on Google i strongly believe you have successfully learnt how to do seo yourself. Please put them to practice in the right way as you expect a better result in turn. GoodDay….

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