How to create Link Ads in AdSense:The Ultimate Google AdSense Link Ads Guide

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After battling with AdSense approval for a very long time , you’re just fortunate to get one recently approved. An as a newbie, you may want to learn how to create link ads in adsense.

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Some Bloggers do believe AdSense link Ads convert better than other Ads Units while others says the opposite.

To me , i have discovered that AdSense Link Ads converts Much more than any other type of Ads Units.

This is because,

In all of my Blogs were i do make use of AdSense, i got more earning and click through via my AdSense Link Ads compared to any other ads type.

Especially when you offer relevant contents, and you are a niche blogger, Your keywords from the Link Ads always displays exactly what your blog readers and audience what’s to see. and as such , you get more clicks.

Before we dig into the short tutorial with screenshots on how to how to create link ads in AdSense either on Mobile phone or PC, kindly see below reasons why AdSense Link Ads are recommended

Why create And Use link ads in adsense

  • Flexibility:

    Flexibly don’t really means AdSense Link Ads are more easy to implement than any other Ads. They are both Easy.

    It simply means, Link Ads can make your website load Faster Than other Ads type which may contain images and graphics.

  • More Target:

    Link Ads convert Better as i have said earlier, because The links will show relevant keywords based on your niche.

    These Keywords are worth looking upon by your blog readers who cares. And in this cause, your Ads generate more clicks.

  • Eye Catching

    Most of the Blog Readers and audience don’t normally get connected by banners. Sometimes , they may even have the feelings that your AdSense banners are just images you used in your article. thereby avoiding clicks.

    On the other hand, the Link Ads are eye-catching and can easily draw readers attention.

Having learnt some of the usefulness and the importance of Google AdSense Links Advertisement Lets proceed to the steps on how to create link ads in AdSense

how to create link ads in AdSense

Login To your AdSense Dashboard as usual and from your right hand side bar, Click on Ads and Select Ads Units from the pop menu.

Having selected Ads Units, You will see all your created ads units if you have already made some. But if not, it will be empty bidding you to create some.

See below screenshot. I already have some Ads Units.

how to create link ads in adsense

Now From Your AdSense Ads Units Page, Simply click on Create New Ads and you will see a new pop up menu with different AdSense Ads Types

how to create link ads in adsense

Now From here , select the Text & Display Ads Which is the first option. After which a new page will show up as below.

how to create link ads in adsense

Naming Your AdSense Link Ads

Write Your AdSense Link Ads Name e.g i named it from the above screenshot.

Note , You can give it any name unique to you.


It will be better you name You Ads based on the position you want to place them on your blog for easy tracking when checking Ads Performance. Example: , You can name it like:

  • Footer Link Ads: This is the link Ads you want to place in the footer or bottom area of your site
  • Header Link Ads: this is just a simple of Link Ads that you want to place in your Site header

  • In Post Link Ads The ads type you want to place inside your blog post. Probably , you may want to show this ads just before your contents, After your contents or the middle of your contents.

Naming your AdSense link or banner Ads depends on your knowledge to be able to identity ads units performance.

Having Named Your Ads, Click on Recommended And you will see the drop menu just like you have seen from the above screenshot. Under Recommended, we have many Ads type such as:

  • Horizontal Banner
  • Vertical Banner
  • Rectangular
  • Responsive
  • Custom Size
  • Link Ads

Select Link Ads now scroll down and click on Save And Get Code

Hurry You are all Done. You can now copy Your Code to make use of it from your website.

Customising Your AdSense Link Code/Ads Units.

Even after getting your AdSense Link Ads Code, You can still customize it the way you want based on AdSense recommendations. otherwise , leave it raw.

From Your Ads Units Page, Click On the Name of the Ads units you want to Customize and you will see the new page were you can change your AdSense Ads units Name , Modify Your Ads Link colors and background colors etc.

You can use easy to notice colors Like Red which most blogs uses as link colors. i

You can as well Use AdSense Link Ads colors as the same colors you used as you site link colors. This will even convert better, because most readers can just think that’s some internal linking round your blog.

AdSense Ads Placement

When You visit AdSense Forums , You will see many argument and opinions about what position is the best place to add AdSense codes.

Well, all I can say is: Every blog goes with its own unique position that works best and that’s why we have always recommended you test all positions to find out that which is OK with your Blog.

From My Testing, I have found out that Ads that shows just before your contents do better than other Ads. Therefore i will say:

  • Place Ads Just before Your Contents
  • Place ads in the middle of your Contents
  • And After Your Contents

Placing Ads in your Sidebars is not recommended , as those ads don’t usually convert.

In Most templates And themes where Sidebars are hidden for PC users, Mobile readers might be restricted from seeing ads. this is the main reason why most AdSense Sidebar Ads don’t convert.

Enhancing More AdSense Clicks:

Spoiling your entire site with ads will not make your AdSense Ads get more Clicks.

To get more Clicks,

Place few Ads in the most strategic and easy to notice positions of your website

Create Relevant Contents that your readers love: Don’t just blog for AdSense forgetting your readers.

Testing , Testing and testing is never a crime, It will only help you find the best AdSense positions for your site.

Don’t click On your Ads, It will make you loose your AdSense Account.

Initially , your AdSense earning might be going very slow than expected. Try to work on your traffic especially getting organic traffic.

Target Long tail and high CPC Keywords : You can as well Check Out my article about AdSense high CPC

Am Done With how to create link ads in AdSense



We all are learners In the world of blogging. We learn and teach those who needs to learn as well.

I have learnt and i have taught you how to create link ads in AdSense, How go get more AdSense clicks, All about AdSense link Ads, text ads , Banner ads. How to Place your AdSense code, Best strategic AdSense Link Ads position and lots more from my experience since i started using AdSense

It’s time you implement all that you have learnt from my experience. And remember that even if you fail at your first hit, Keep on trying as that’s never the end of the world.

Failure is only a ladder to Climb Higher in Life: Because each time you fail, You learn new things

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  1. Sam said:

    Between red, blue and yellow link ads, which one is better for a blog that its design is blue, and which one will attract more clicks

    January 17, 2019
    • Kennedy Prosper said:

      It all depend on the nature of your theme but red links seem to attract more clicks since many has taken red to be link colors

      January 18, 2019

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