How to create a blog with DomainKing- Steps with screenshots

If You have been looking for a way to set up your own self hosted WordPress Blog without the help of anybody, then this article which talks about how to create a blog with DomainKing is definitely for you.

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There are many Web Hosting Companies where you can get started to host and create your website online. but i usually recommend domainking.Ngbecause, that’s what i practically use.

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This Blog you are currently reading from , is Hosted and cremate fromDomainKing.Ng with the lowest web hosting plan.

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Without much stories, Am going to teach You step by step guide on how to create a blog with DomainKing and with this same steps, i was able to create (BlogsNg.Com).

I strongly believed, that after reading this tutorial, You will Be able to create your own blog/website Just like this one you are currently reading from right now if only you can follow the below steps carefully.

How to Create a Blog with DomainKing

This article entrails guides as listed below:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Blogging Niche
  • Step 2: Register a Domain Name for your Blog
  • Step 3: Choose a Web Hosting Plan
  • Step 4: Install WordPress
  • Step 5: Change your Blog’s theme
  • Step 6: Write your First Blog Post

What You need Before starting a new Blog

Your Domain Name: This is the name that will be used generally to access your website. E.g each time you type in in your web browser, you are expected to land on this website because it’s my domain name.

WebHosting: The web hosting is where you will install WordPress to make your blog run on WordPress CMS without going into create your blog directly from which is not professional.

  • Choose Your Blogging Niche:

    Before you think on how to create a blog with DomainKing, i expects you to know what you want to blog about.

    You cannot Create and own a successful blog without knowing what you want to blog about

    There are many things to blog about online. some do blog about football tips, lifestyle, Tech news, Entertainment , Downloads, Fashion, travel etc. the list to blogging niche is almost unlimited.

    create a blog with DomainKing

    Now what would you want to blog about?: It’s a matter of choice and a personal decision, but make sure you choose a blogging niche that you know very well about, to enable you do well and reach the peak to your success easily.

    Now let’s assume you already know what you want to blog about.

  • Register A domain Name and a Web Hosting:

    Your domain name is unique to you. It must be a name that no other person has used before since, two persons cannot use one domain name.

    To register your Domain name and web hosting where you will install WordPress CMS using DomainKing follow below guides

    How to Register Web Hosting And Domain name From DomainKing

    Click On DomainKing.Ng Web Hosting Page Here

    √ You will see different web hosting plans with prices for each plan. but For the purpose of this tutorial, i will be choosing the cheapest plan. Which is the Soldier Plan

    create a blog with DomainKing

    So i Clicked on The Order Button:

    Right from the next page , You will be prompted to choose wither you already have your domain name registered somewhere else or you want to create the new blog with a new domain name entirely.

    Because i want to create a new blog with a new domain name i ticked on the check box as show below.

    create a blog with DomainKing

    After that, You will see the space to type in your Domain name. Just write the name you want to buy e.g BlogsNg and select the extension you want to use. e.g .com, .Net, .Org,, .NG etc

    After that , click on the Continue Button. If Your Domain name isn’t taken by anyone else, You will be directed to the next page Where you will need to confirm Your Domain name.

    Click on the Continue Button to access the next page. Here you will choose how many years you want to Register your Hosting

    So i selected the option to Register my domain name and hosting for one year and then clicked on the ADD to Cart Button

    Confirm Your Domain name and Check on the necessary Free adons

    Then Click on Continue to the final Checkout page where you will add your DomainKing Promotional Code if you have any existing and available one.

    If you don’t have any working DomainKing Promotional or Coupon Code, just skip that step and heed over to selecting your payment method as show in the above screenshot.

    I selected the Voguepay as my payment method because i want to pay with my ATM card(Master Card) You can also select it, if you have a working ATM card for making payment online. But if you don’t, you can Use other payment methods suitable at your end.

    After that Tick the check box that you have read and accepted their terms and services . Then Click on COMPLETE ORDER

    An Invoice will be created automatically. You will get the notification directly on your email address which you used to Register with DomainKing.

    Now, You have to make your payment with any payment method you have chosen. After making your payment successful, Your domain and Hosting will be activated.

    Note: If You used the Direct bank transfer payment method, then it might take upto 24hrs to confirm and activate your Hosting and domain for use.

    You can make it easy for them to know you made your payment via bank or online transfer by sending them your payment screenshots. You can do this from your domainKing clients area.

    Login to your DomainKing account and click on (Support tickets) from the top menu bar. Then select the option to create new support

    From your support ticker, Tell them you have just made payment. Write your paymy details such as bank name , Payment date: amount paid and attach your bank alert debit screenshot to it and send it to them.

    They will review your payment information sent, and get back to you with the message that your web hosting and domain name will be activated in few hrs time.

    This procedure is only accessed when you make payment with bank transfer. But if you use other instant payment methods aside the bank or online transfer , Your Domain and Hosting will be activated immediately upon successful payment.

    Now let’s assume your Web Hosting and Domain Name has been Upgraded and activated successfully. The next step is to install WordPress on your domain to make it accessible.

    How to Install WordPress on your new Domain name and Hosting From DomainKing

    Login Your C-panel : This C-panel login details will be sent to your email immediately after activating your account. You can see them on your email with the login link of your domainKing Cpanel.

    After such successful Login, scroll down to the softaculous Section and select Softaculous App Installer

    You will see many other apps that can be installed via softaculous with just a Click. Ignore all of them and select WordPress since this tutorial is WordPress based tutorial.

    Click on install and fill in the required form.

    Complete the installation process and you are done installing WordPress on your new domain name.

    Having Installed WordPress successfully, When you click on your domain now, it will open successfully just like other websites on the internet.

    but it will be empty with no content or page except the default theme and the default WordPress sample page.

    If You find it difficult to install WordPress on your new domain name and Hosting, You can contact the DomainKing support desk and they will help you do it immediately.

    Now that you have installed WordPress , it’s time to change Your website theme from the default one Create New pages , and add relevant Contents to your blog.

    After Installing WordPress What’s the Way Forward? regarding how to create a blog with DomainKing

    Regarding how to create a blog with DomainKing, i wrote some article few days ago where i stated everything you need to do after installing WordPress on your new domain name.

    You Can read Here :

    I should have continued here but this page will be too heavy to load which is not a good SEO practice and readers experience.

    Please kindly read from the above link for completion.

    As for the name of the theme am using which makes my site design so cool and readable: Am using Free Revenue WordPress Theme with little Customization which i have done on it.

    You can search “Download Free Revenue WordPress theme” on Google and you will get the download link.

    Download and install it on your blog via the tutorial included in the above link and you will get this same design on your blog.

    Did you find this article on how to create a blog with DomainKing helpful?

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    IMG Credit: DomainKing.Ng

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