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Initially i was thinking of writing how to create a free Blogspot blog step by step tutorial in EBook Format (PDF) but i just changed my mind to share it here as usual so that every of my fan can learn how to create a blog on blogger free platform. If you’ve been also looking for how to create a Google blog free it’s also referring to this tutorial am going to teach you here.

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

There are many blogging platforms through which you can set up a free blog as a beginner who want to go into blogging as a business.

Like i always tell my Readers: if you’re totally a newbie who knows nothing about blogging, i won’t recommend you spend some bulks at first in quest for creating a blog that makes money, instead go for free services and learn from there. If after understanding Blogging in details and blogger meaning, you can then go into blogging in full like a pro.

As a matter of fact , i started from Wapka Blogging platform and i moved over to Blogger and now am a full time blogger using premium WordPress having learnt from scratch.

Starting from scratch and with free blogging platforms will enable you minimise the risks of loosing money online as a beginner.

80% of those who started Blogging couldn’t make it at first attempt. this is because they didn’t understand the meaning of blogging and a blogger before venturing into blogging as business.

Warning: Don’t over spend When you haven’t learn. it will only make you loose money at the end without any achievement

In this article, i shall be teaching you how to create a blog on Blogger free blogging platform. but before then read below…..

Blogspot or Blogger Meaning

Blogspot or Blogger Meaning: Blogger is a free blogging platform set up by google for bloggers to create a manage a professional blogs with zero cost.

With Blogspot, you can create any type of blog for free and you will get your blog running online just like other blogs without any Codding skills.

To create a blog on Blogger, you don’t need to be a programmer or even any web design skills. {It’s a free google product} to create free google blog.

When you create a new blog using this platform, your website will go with their generally known sub-domain which is (let me explain)

If for instance you’ve created your free blog and you picked the name Blogcreatsteps as your blog name, your default domain name will be and that’s the address that others will use in accessing your website for the main time.

Having known the meaning of Blogspot or blogger, let’s further to the days topic: How to create a blog on Blogger free blogging platform

How to create a blog on Blogger free blogging platform at zero cost

From my phone browser, i typed in which is the first step.

create a blog on Blogger free blogging platform

From the Next Page, It will show you the blogger site builder homepage as shown in below screenshot.

create a blog on Blogger

Click on CREATE YOUR BLOG and you will be redirected to a new page prompting you to login your gmail address.

create a blog on Blogger free

Just like you can see above i have input my Gmail and my gmail password. if you don’t have a gmail yet, you can create one here before completion of this tutorial.

Having logged in your Gmail address, You might be redirected to a new page were you will be asked to fill in your google profile (it’s just easy to do)

After that , you will be successfully open to blogger dashboard where you can create and manage your free blogs

Since you don’t have any blog yet, you will see the button to create new blog as shown below

create a blog on Blogger

Click on New Blog and you will be taken to a new page as seen below:

create a blog on Blogger

in the first space write your Blog title which will display at the top of your readers browser when they visit your blog and your blog address in the second space which is the name that people will use in accessing your blog. You can select any template from the lists of available templates and themes.

After filling the above, scroll down and hit on Create Blog and you’re done.

Problem When Choosing Your Blog Address

The problem you may encounter
when choosing a blog address from the above step is error of name unavailable.

You can’t be choosing address like naijalearn, info, chatgroup makemoney, onlinebiz, when you know that such names are very common and might have been chosen by some folks out there.

In blogspot or blogger two people
can’t use the same address, so when you see name unavailable it simply means the name you typed in has been taken by someone else,and in that case you will have to try other names which you think may be available.

Keep trying until you find available
name. don’t try to use common
names. if you think you really
want to use you proposed name and
it has been taken you will have to add some prefix or suffix to the name e g 247naijaleran, 123infograh,
naijacoded235,419idoncome and so on.

Having created your Blog successfully, you will be taken to your main admin dashboard where you can manage your blog like editing, removing , settings, adding contents and changing your design

create a blog on Blogger

Understanding Your Blogger site Admin dashboard

  • ==>The New post If you want to add new contents to your site
  • ==>The Posts: If you want to see all the posts you have created and you can also edit them or draft then on this page, you can delete them as well from this page.

  • ==>The comments: If you want to moderate the comments on your blog. maybe someone just comments and you don’t like it you can delete, approve or disapprove comments from this page.

  • ==>The stats: You can know how many page views your blog is having a day, the page with the highest pageview , the country your traffic is coming from, the most used browsers and so on.

  • ==>The Earning: here you can monetize your website with Google AdSense and start making money from your blog.

  • ==>The campaigns some advertising platforms and other ads placed by Google

  • ==>The Layout: You can add Any code, ads and other items to your site here with the layout as the name implies. you need to layout your blog the way you want it and want to use and display on your blog, the position you want them to be.

  • ==>The template You can change your site design, upload new template, edit the existing one , and backup your template

  • ==>The settings Which is the control room of your blog. The first thing to lay your hands on is the settings so that you can begin to set your blog the way you want it.

Uploading New Blogger Templates Online:

Let me end the tutorial on how to create a blog on Blogger free google site builder with how to upload a new template or theme to your site.

In blogger, You can only modify your theme, you don’t need to create one for yourself as there are many free Blogspot themes online for free download. the theme is the design of your site.

The reason why you see various Blogger sites with different designs is as a result of different themes they’ve used.

Go to your google search bar and type in download Free Blogspot templates, and you will see many of them online.

Having downloaded your template, extract your zip file and save XML file on your device. the XML file is what you’re going to upload. if you upload the zip file raw just like you’ve downloaded it , error message is all you will see.

Having downloaded and extracted your file, From your blogger Admin dashboard Click on Template or themes and from the next page.


Click on Backup/Restore and you will see a new page were you can select the extracted XML file

create a blog on Blogger

select your downloaded and extracted template which is in XML file and upload it to your blog.

After uploading, you can now check your blog and it will give you a new design based on the theme you uploaded.

Wrapping up: Create a Blog on Blogger free blogging platform

Don’t use opera mini for the above tutorial. you can use other advanced mobile phone browsers for more conveniences.

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