How to connect DomainKing to Blogger Website

Having successfully purchased a domain name from DomainKing Web Hosting company in Nigeria, the next thing you should searching for is “how to connect domainking to blogger website or how to setup domainking domain on blogger

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Unlike other domain Registrars where you need name servers setups and you’re done connecting your domain name to your Blogspot websites, DomainKing Nameserver has nothing to do when connecting your domain name to blogger. instead it’s done manually from DomainKing support.

In this article, i will be showing you the easy and the only method on how to connect domainking to blogger websites after successful purchase. just in case you’ve been finding it difficult all this while.

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how to connect domainking to blogger Website

Having purchased my domain name from DomainKing, so i just login my Blogspot dashboard from and from my dashboard i selected the site i want to park/link my new domain.


So i clicked on Settings from the Menu and a new windows pop out.

So i clicked on “setup a Third Party URL for your Blog” so i can link a new domain name instead of the default ugly Blogspot extension and you will see a new page

From this page type in your domain name e.g you must add the Www if not it may not work.

After that click on Save and you will see an error message as shown on the above image. Ignore the error and Copy the Highlighted texts you can see there. It will show up when you do likewise with your domain name. make sure you separate the 3 different texts and don’t ulter them by removing or adding anything.

After that login to your domainKing Clients area also known as your DomainKing Dashboard and here’s what you will see

So from the Top Menu i just clicked on My Supports and i was taken to a new page.

from here i clicked on Support and a new page opened.

I selected Submit Ticket am sure you can see that. and now a page showed up to write what i want them to do for me.

Select Urgency as “high” so that they will respond quickly. in related service just click on it and select the domain name you want them to link with Blogspot.

Now in the text area provided to type your message write to them like.

Hello! I want you to help me park my Domain name to Blogspot. Here are the domain name propagation settings

  • a45aat6fcgpp

That’s all. In some minutes time you will get a response from them that the setup has been done.

Now go back to the same place from your Blogspot dashboard and Park your domain name again. this time it Will work without error messages.

Wrapping up: how to setup domainking domain on blogger

With all of the above steps, you’ve just learnt “how to connect domainking to blogger Website”

One thing you must know about DomainKing Hosting and Blogspot is that they help you set it manually not using NameServers. Am sure this article helped someone here.

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  1. Victor said:

    Have been having issue on how to set up my domain.

    I hope this works

    January 1, 2019

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