How to change Google AdSense payment threshold and schedule

If You have an AdSense account through which you earn money from your blog as a means of monetization, You may want to change Google AdSense payment threshold in order to get paid more often or less often.

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Maybe You need more money for the upcoming event, and if you withdraw your current AdSense earning ,you may end up lavishing the money before the event date.

The only way to get paid at schedule is by increasing your AdSense account payment threshold, and you will be able to retain your earning till any date of your choice.

HIwap earning

Sometimes i don’t usually suggest bloggers should shift their AdSense payment date or threshold as that could be very risky.


It all happened when i wanted some money for a new budget, I decided to open a bank on my AdSense account, I successfully accumulated almost the exact amount i wanted for my new budget but sad enough , i just woke up one faithful morning, to see an email message, that my AdSense account has been disabled for invalid activities.

I immediately made an appeal from the AdSense appeal link that was sent along with the disabled message but even till now, i still haven’t gotten any reply from them( Its been 4yrs now and am still waiting for their reply.)

Not even the AdSense account, but the cash in it becomes a problems that could not be resolved. My AdSense account is gone and all my AdSense earning as my savings all gone.

then i was left with nothing but tears, been unable to complete and achieve my proposed budget.

Ever since then, i had never Pushed forward my AdSense payment date or threshold. I always withdraw my earning when due.

even when i have nothing to do with the money , i will keep it there in my bank account. Only then will i be sure i have the money to myself.

NOTE: Cash In Your AdSense account Dashboard is not yet Yours, not until you finally withdraw it to your bank account. This is because anything can happen even at the last hour.

Increasing my AdSense payout becomes a risk even till date: and i have always keep to that which is, withdrawing at regular basis( it’s just a lesson you should learn from my past AdSense experience regarding changing Google AdSense payment threshold)

If you know you are good in taking risk, or you have been looking for how to change Google AdSense payment threshold without minding the risk involved, you can follow below steps.

How to Change Google AdSense payment threshold

Login to your AdSense account Dashboard Click Here

change Google AdSense payment threshold

Select Payments from the left side menu.

Navigate to the payment settings section and click on Manage settings

change Google AdSense payment threshold

From the AdSense payment settings, look for Payment schedule and click on the edit button

change Google AdSense payment threshold

Now you will see the current payout amount and the payment schedule

change Google AdSense payment threshold

Edit to the amount you want as your payout threshold and aslo your schedule.

Like you can see from the below shot i have edited it to €500 and until my AdSense earning reaches that amount, i won’t be able to withdraw.

change Google AdSense payment threshold

Now you can scroll down to save your AdSense payment threshold and schedule settings.

If You change your AdSense payment schedule, even if you have reached the threshold without reaching your scheduled date , you cannot get paid.

You can leave the schedule untouched if you want the AdSense default payment schedule.

You have just learnt How to change Google AdSense payment threshold

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