How to calculate keyword difficulty for free Using SEOtoolstation

Let’s look at something new today on how to calculate keyword difficulty using SEOtoolstation (a free SEO tool).

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Without the help Keywords Difficulty tools, You cannot possibly know which keyword can drive more traffic to your website and the keywords with less Competition.

When i newly started Blogging, though i was not doing keywords research as a newbie. but when i realized the usefulness of keywords research to Blogging, I made a U-turn immediately.

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I started by using Semrush Free trial. And i was getting some good keywords with pretty low Competition which i do blogged about then. but all this while , i never cared about keyword difficulty.


It comes to a time where i needed to learn and understand keywords research in details so i needed to learn more about keywords difficulty.

I started by searching Google for keywords pertaining to (How to how to calculate keyword difficulty, How to find less competitive keywords, How to discover low niche keywords, What is keyword difficulty, best free keyword difficulty tool ) and much more.

On my trip to learn keywords difficulty for free , i stumbled on SEOtoolstation.Com via my Google search.

Sincerely speaking, it is awesome tool, Right from the users interface to its free offers, as it contains many other resources that are very helpful for successful Blogging.

So what Happened?

After using this keyword difficulty tool for a while, I discovered that there are certain keywords that have low competition and yet they are very difficult to rank google top page when you blog such keywords.

But without the help of keywords difficulty tool how could you have known this? .

When doing keywords, the worst mistake you will ever do, is concentrating only on keywords competition without minding the keywords difficulty.

That a keyword is less competitive does not make it easy to rank. What makes it easy to rank is when the keyword is less difficult.

In this article, am going to show you very easy step to calculate keyword difficulty using the free too(SEOtoolstation).

How to calculate keyword difficulty Using SEOtoolstation

First of all , Find the Keyword you want to blog about using your Free Semrush or other keywords research tools to know the keywords Competition.

If you find a good keyword you would want to blog about with low competition, Don’t blog it yet till you know how competitive it is.

Now Copy the keywords and navigate to SEOTOOLSTATION keyword difficulty page.

Paste your Keywords in the Seotoolstation search bar and click on Search. Your new page will appear with your Keyword difficulty search result as shown below

how to calculate keywords difficulty

From the above , my Searched keywords (Best keywords difficulty tool) results 35% difficulty which is not too bad.

When a keyword difficulty result is Above 45% , the probability that you will rank for such keywords is very thin.

I love blogging keywords around 20-35%. If you can find such keywords, i bet you will always rank for them if you do your SEO work the right way.

Here is What to look upto:

The table contain top ranking websites/domain names for the searched keywords.

What you should look upon is the URL area, the TITLE and the description area.

If A website have YES in URL, Title and description area, in the table section, it can be very hard to beat such websites and outrank them because those competitors has properly targeted such keywords.

In order Words, if they have NO , NO , NO in the above mentioned table form, them it’s certain you can easily outrank such keywords.

That’s just too easy to determine. I know you can understand the table very well.

If you are seeking keywords that will rank front page on google , don’t blog keywords above 45% especially when your blog is new with no good ranking.

The less competitive the keywords, the more your chances for ranking front page increase.

Hope you got the awesome tips on how to calculate keyword difficulty

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