how to add keywords to your website for google search Ranking

Even After getting your keywords Ready, You should be asking how to add keywords to your website for google search ranking because for every newly discovered keywords , you are equally looking forward to rank top page for them on google search engine.

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Even after getting your keywords ready, there are some best places and positions you need to add keywords to your website for google search easy ranking otherwise competitors can easily outrank you when you fail to implement your keywords strategically as required to rank googles front page.

In this article, we shall be discussing “how to add keywords to your website for google search” but before then, here are some things you must consider before deciding on wither to blog about any keywords or not.

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Things you must take Note of before Additing keywords to your website for google search

Whenever i want to rank Number one for any discovered keywords, Here are the things i usually consider in regards to my competitors after getting the keywords ready:

  • =>Domain And URL exact Match:

    Type the keywords on google: What did you see? is there any competitor having his domain name exactly as your keywords? or having some exact match keywords words in his Domain name? if yes, then it might not be very easy to outrank such competitors.

    You can still Blog the keywords on how lucrative it’s but accept the fact that you will always be under the competitors who have keywords in their domain name because IT’S A RANKING FACTOR and a very important one.

    Let’s say Wrote an article online about “guide to make money online in Nigeria” It will be easy for him to outrank who also wrote an article about guide to make money online in Nigeria because inside his domain name he has the keyword(Nigeria and Guide)

    This is one thing you must consider before blogging any keywords you’re hopping to rank number 1 for.

  • =>Title And Description Area:

    If you type in your Discovered Keywords on google and no competitor have the exact match keywords in their Headlines, that means you can easily rank for such keywords.

    Do well to check if Your top competitors have the keywords in their headlines and Description area. If not that means they only rank for such keywords by chance and as such , you can easily outrank them when you blog the keywords thoroughly.

  • =>Properly Targeted or Not?:

    First of all, even when you see some other competitors with the keywords, don’t panic yet. Check the competitor’s site who is the number one to see his weight

    Did he properly target the keywords in his URL structure, Title Tags, Descriptions area, Headlines, Subheading, And post Bodies?

    If yes it means it will be difficult to outrank him since he has properly targeted the keywords already.

    check the post containing the keywords: If it has any Loopholes, then you can easily bypass that competitor.

    When i say loopholes: It means the areas that the keywords aren’t used by your competitors in their posts. these are area you will need to use the keywords in your writeups and you will outrank them even if it may take some time.

  • =>How authoritative is the site:

    You can use Moz DA metrics to
    analyse the authority of your competitors websites to see if they have weight or not.

    Authority sites aren’t easy to outrank. I always keep of when i find keywords crowded by authority Blogs. Because am too lazy to compete

    i Love Blogging keywords that will drive traffic from search engines immediately after hitting the publish button and with this I’ve managed to grow my blog from zero to hero in less than three months.

    A good Example: When am making keywords research and i see sites like Naij, Pulse, and others ranking for the same keywords, i immediately pack my load and go for more easy to rank Keywords
    having learnt that authority sites are very difficult to outrank.

  • =>What Type of Content is Ranking?

    The type of Contents that are rankiy for the keywords you want to Blog about will also determine if you will rank top or not.

    Are the top competitors search results containing
    product pages? Videos? Or reviews? if yes such posts are easy to outrank.
    Especially Videos and product pages. Your Powerful Blog posts can easily outrank them.

    Am always feeble when i view my competitors post using the same keywords i want to blog only to see 3,500 words Blog post well written and well optimized.

    I will just run away with the impression “He has said it all”….
    i will allow him to enjoy his traffic alone instead of competing with the feelings i can not do better than he has done already.

Having learnt about the things you must consider before blogging about any newly discovered keywords let’s go straight to the days business on how to add keywords to your website for google search

how to add keywords to your website for google search

One thing is to get good keywords and another thing is to use the keywords properly in order to rank for them.

Here on this blog, I’ve discussed so much about keywords research and how to add keywords to your website for google search. below links are helpful if you must succeed over this post headline.

All of the above links talks about how to find lucrative keywords and how to add keywords to your website for google search. Let me add the summary here for easy understanding.

Tips on how to add keywords to your website for google search

Having discovered any keywords, Here are the best positions to use them in order to rank for them and remain unbeatable.

  • Let the keywords Appear in your Post title
  • Make the keywords appear in your post URL or link structure
  • Let the keywords appear in your first and Last Paragraph
  • Make sure to use the keywords in 2 to 3 subheadings in your Post wrapped up with the “h2” Tags
  • Use the keywords in the body of your post. I mean inside your writing
  • Use the keywords as your focused keywords if you use WordPress otherwise skip this step

If you can use Your keywords carefully in all of the above listed positions, You must surely rank for such keywords if they’re less competitive.

If after ranking for such keywords and you happen to get more bloggers writing about such keywords, it will be very difficult for them to outrank you because you’ve properly used the keywords in the most needed areas and there will be no loophole.

Wrapping Up:how to add keywords to your website for google search

With the above tips, sure you can now do keywords research and youvey also find answer to your question on how to add keywords to your website for google search

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