How much will he call in Europe after May 15th?

How much will he call in Europe after May 15th?

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The European Union (EU) is the only free economic, political and ethnic community whose basic principles are based on the idea of ​​a single and open market.

All member states benefit from many advantages in exchanging information and goods with other countries, and the telecommunications sector is also no exception. Just a few days later, the European Commission (EC) officially introduced a maximum price for phone calls and sending SMS to the continent.

Under the rules, we will now pay no more than EUR 0.19 per minute (excluding VAT) to call another country that is also a member of the European Community. The same price for text messages is € 0.06.

In this way, the EU wants to use its supreme law to the regulator and put an end to the unfair practices of certain operators in order to deliberately maintain higher prices. The introduction of a price framework for all telecommunication services is an extremely important step that will greatly ease citizens who often travel to the EU.

Please note that local taxes can be added to the above prices, but their value will be 17-27%, informs However, citizens will have the opportunity to freely communicate at prices that are sometimes lower than the current conditions that are mainly based on the principles of an open market.

However, very often, there are specific operators, local firms or other telecommunications farms drunk to exploit the situation. After May 15, this will no longer be possible.

How much will he call in Europe after May 15th?

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