How much does the head of Facebook keep?

How much does the head of Facebook keep?

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Facebook pays much attention to its boss to protect him from various security-related threats to his family. Mark Zuckerberg is an extremely popular person, demanding a dedicated team of guards to take care of their safety wherever we are.

AlJazeera’s latest data reveals that the company has invested $ 22.6 million in the past year to protect Facebook head in 2018.

It’s time to notice that Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to take an annual salary of $ 1 in recent years. However, in 2018, the company invested the above amount to ensure that Mark Zuckerberg and his loved ones are with maximum certainty. The company’s comprehensive conservation program includes charter flights to ensure it moves around the globe.

Ultimately, these are amounts that are quite normal for the biggest names in the Silicon Valley, but they show how wary companies to protect their senior officials.

However, the amount Facebook has paid to protect its boss is enormous for the perceptions and opportunities of the mass consumer. The social network is subject to many criticisms about the way consumers collect data, and this can additionally increase these investments.

How much does the head of Facebook keep?

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