How do I lock file and application prints?

How do I lock file and application prints?

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Fingerprint scanners make it much easier for your smartphone to be protected while minimizing the need to enter the PIN code each time. Android Authority is of the opinion that this is one of the most practical features of the modern phones that we need to use.

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From the information below, you will learn how to lock files and applications with your fingerprint.



To activate the function of the phone, you will need to go to Settings> Security & Privacy> Print ID. From here, you can enable access options “secure access” and “access to the application lock”. To enable a fingerprint lock, you must visit Settings> Security & Privacy> Application Lock, then select which apps you want to lock. To access your secure file, you can visit Settings> Security & Privacy> Lock an application or open the Files application and click on “Safe”. If you want to add something to the “Safe” folder, open the Files application, hold the file, and click More> Move to Safe.


OnePlus to lock the fingerprint applications is called App Locker. To find this feature, go to Settings> Utilities> App Locker. Enter your PIN to continue, and you can select Add Applications to add applications. The site also allows you to hide notifications from these applications.

OnePlus also offers SecureBox to protect files, but users have reported a problem with it. The company recognized the problem and quickly updated its function, giving it a new name – Lockbox. You can find it by going to Governance.

With the Data> Categories> Lockbox. Once enabled, you will need to enter the PIN to access it for the first time, then you can now use your fingerprint. To add content to your protected files, you need to keep the file, then touch the Menu icon and select “Move to lock”.


The example of the application lock and the fingerprints of the Samsung application is called “Secure folder”. To start this feature, go to Settings> Lock Screen & Security> Secure Folder. From here, you must sign in to your Samsung account or create an account if you do not have one.

After logging in, select the lock type to access a secure folder, then activate the fingerprint and iris fingerprint. You can then access the Secure Folder using your iris scanner or fingerprint scanner. If you select the “Fingerprint +” option, you can select a specific finger to unlock the “secure folder”.

To add items to a secure folder, tap the “Add Applications” or “Add Files” icon, then select the desired items. You can also upload files from the My Files application by pressing and holding the file, then touching the menu icon and selecting “Move to a secure folder”.


To enable fingerprinting applications, simply visit the security application, and then tap the app lock icon. You will need to enter your PIN/password and select the applications you want to hide.

The key to blocking Xiaomi in MIUI 10 is hidden folders. It is available from the file manager after selecting “Hidden Folders” from the sidebar. There are three ways to add items to the hidden folder, first through the file manager. You will need to press and hold the file in the file manager, then tap the menu and select “Hide.”

The second option is via the Hidden folder> Three-Point Menu> Add Files. The third way to add files to the hidden folder is by launching your gallery, then tap and hold a picture, press the menu, and select “Hide.”

Third-party applications

If your phone has no preinstalled functionality for locking applications, there are several apps available in the Play Store with similar features. They can not be as good as inbuilt support, but they are definitely better than nothing. Here are some apps you can specify: LOCKit, AppLock (DoMobile Lab), and AppLocker (Burakgon LTD).

How do I lock file and application prints?

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