Hodl Hodl and L2B Global form a non-custodial over-the-counter Bitcoin department

Hodl Hodl and L2B Global form a non-custodial over-the-counter Bitcoin department

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P2P-exchange for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin Hodl Hodl and the liquidity provider L2B Global have announced a strategic partnership to create a universal solution for the OTC market: from liquidity to escrow services.

L2B Global is a licensed European company that promotes over-the-counter transactions, and also participates in custodial transactions from both buyers and sellers.

According to L2B Global, the company’s banking and regulatory infrastructure, combined with an extensive network of liquidity partners, allows for large volume transactions.

As part of the transaction, L2B Global will merge with Tenbagger, a subsidiary of Hodl Hodl, and will be responsible for managing the organization and expanding the infrastructure.

Both sides noted that the over-the-counter market is currently very fragmented, and are confident that consolidation will create a single brand and achieve more together.

“We believe that our cooperation with L2B Global will increase the liquidity of Hodl Hodl and will allow us to offer new types of services. Thanks to L2B liquidity and our own escrow solution, our over-the-counter partners already have the opportunity to buy or sell large amounts of bitcoins (worth more than 1 million euros).

By combining our UTS department with L2B Global, we will provide not only secure and unique cryptocurrency solutions, but also the corresponding banking solutions in the fiat part of transactions, ”said Max Caidoun, CEO of Hodl Hodl.

According to him, in the coming months, the geography of the new OTC platform will be expanded to Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Considerable attention will be paid to Eastern Europe, a region where today there is no proper OTS solution that would have great liquidity and considerable interest in Bitcoin from institutional investors and wealthy individuals.

“So far, our transactions have been based on slow trust structures and a multitude of documents. With the help of the multisig solution offered by Hodl Hodl, we can quickly process large volumes and ensure faster execution of transactions for our clients, ”added N2 Oraevsky, L2B Global CEO.

Recall that at the end of last year, L2B Global became one of more than twenty large cryptocurrency companies that became the first users of Sidestream Liquid from Blockstream.

This technology is designed to service Bitcoin exchanges, processing services and traders, reducing the time required to carry out large volumes of transactions between different accounts.

Hodl Hodl and L2B Global form a non-custodial over-the-counter Bitcoin department

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