Highest earning Bloggers in Africa: Richest Bloggers in Africa

Recently we discussed about some top and highest paid bloggers in Nigeria but in this post about African Bloggers list we shall be talking about highest earning bloggers in africa or the Richest bloggers in africa.

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Although these listed Africa bloggers may not likely be the richest in their country or Africa as a whole, but in their blogging niche, they remains the most influential and the top earning bloggers.

This top African bloggers has proven themselves worth cerebrating and they’ve also made it clear to all young bloggers and aspirants that blogging is legit and can be turned to an income source for life.

Some times, we do explain to young bloggers that blogging is lucrative and they always find it difficult to believe as a newbie and for this reason, we always bring in some inspirational articles to make them believe that blogging is legit and worth investing.

let’s roll on with our lists of Highest earning Bloggers in Africa by their Blogs Names. am sure they will get you motivated.

Highest earning Bloggers in Africa by Blogs

Below are some lists of Richest Bloggers on Africa continent. Mind you, the lists isn’t arranged in order of their popularity.

  • newsghana.com.gh

    highest earning bloggers in Africa

    This is a popular news Blog in Ghana an African country.

    This website has been founded since 2012 and now it’s generating millions of monthly visits. The owners of Ghana news are making money basically from Direct adverts and AdSense Ads as their major income source.

  • GhanaWeb.com

    highest earning bloggers in Africa

    This is the number 4th Website in Ghana based on it popularity.

    Ghanaweb not only publish Ghana news but everything related to the Africa country; Ghana

    The portal was launched in 1992 by Akoto Francis. In year 1999 the website renamed as GhanaWeb, formerly it was GhanaHomePage.

    The owning company of the website is Bellaart Investments B.V., a privately owned company that is operating from The Netherlands.

  • Naij.com

    highest earning bloggers in Africa

    Naij a top Nigeria News Website which also write about other articles like Make money online , Health , Education, etc therefore we say Naij is a multi niche Blog own by Vital Laptenok.

    Vita is among the highest earning Bloggers in Africa thought he is not from Africa but he focused his business and targeting on Nigeria audience.

  • Glamour.com

    highest earning bloggers in Africa

    This is a South Africa Entertainment Website existing since 1994 till date.

    Now this website has grown to be very large worldwide. The Glamour website also have the digital area where readers can subscribe.

    There’s no doubt Glamour is making it big from the huge daily visitors generated.

Wrapping Up:Richest Bloggers in Africa

Why do we mention but few highest earning Bloggers in Africa when we still have tones of them out there?.

The whole truth is that “we can not actually figure out the whole list, as the lists of top earning Africa bloggers remain endless.”

However, we shall be looking forward to see you featured on other websites in the future.

Remember that no matter how big the lists of highest earning bloggers in Africa seems to be, they all started from somewhere.

If you must be listed among the top earning bloggers in Africa, then you will also have to start from somewhere and hopefully success is awaiting you.

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