Here’s what the iPhone 11R looks like

Here’s what the iPhone 11R looks like

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Apple’s new generation of smartphones has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks. The leading accents are the iPhone XI and XI Max, but now we understand the interesting details about the iPhone 11R budget.

This model will keep the designer lines of its predecessor and will be sold at a similar price. The Internet even showed images that reveal the vision of the smartphone. Thanks to them, we understand that the iPhone 11R will have a dual camera on the back.

The uneven screen, which will have a small curve at the top, is likely to have a diagonal of 6.1. Hardware switches and volume will be located at the same places on both sides of the frame, as with the iPhone Xr. The bottom of the smartphone has a built-in loudspeaker and lightning connector announced BGR. The chambers at the rear will be placed in a square unit.

Unlike the budget model, the iPhone XI and XI Max are expected to be equipped with triple cameras. At this point, these are all the details we have about the device.

Applé will continue the strategy so as not to significantly change the design of new smartphones but will focus on integrating more powerful hardware. The premiere of the three new iPhone models will come true in the autumn and will greatly exacerbate competition with smartphones.

Here’s what the iPhone 11R looks like

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