Hard Disk Check – Restores bad sectors of the hard drive

Hard Disk Check – Restores bad sectors of the hard drive

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When you copy something to your hard drive, a checksum is generated for each block and should always match the data stored in a specific sector. If this is not the case, you will eventually break a sector that is inaccessible and unusable.

Hard disk scanning is an open source utility that scans the disk for damaged sectors and overwrites stored data, allowing this sector to be reused. The program is very easy to use and fully portable, ie it can be used by flash drive on different computers.

Each sector of the hard disk also stores the checksum used to verify data integrity. If the checksum does not match the data, the sector will be considered invalid and will no longer be available.

Bad sectors occur for a variety of reasons, with the most common being a faulty hard drive or power outages. It is always a good idea to check the disk for such sectors after an unexpected shutdown.

Hard Disk Checking supports four different tests that help identify and repair bad sectors. It’s important to choose the right test so you don’t lose data.

The first two tests are designed to scan decomposed HDDs in a sector, transcribe them and read data to ensure they are successfully recorded. The third test records the test sample on disk, checks that it has been successfully saved, and then returns the original data. The fourth test is missing the last part, which means that the original data will be lost.

Although it doesn’t offer any advanced features, Hard Disk Validator is a great tool for users who want to quickly check their hard drives for broken sectors and restore them.

It is worth noting that it is a fully portable program, so once you use it, it will leave no trace on the system, and it can run from flash drives or other portable devices on any computer.

Hard Disk Check – Restores bad sectors of the hard drive

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