Google will use artificial intelligence to improve robots

Google will use artificial intelligence to improve robots

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Google did not give up the idea of ​​developing new generations of new generations that are more functional and can communicate with people. The company has been interested in this concept for several years and has acquired the most innovative manufacturer in this segment, Boston Dynamics, at the end of 2013.

We have already seen various prototypes of smart machines that can work while surpassing various obstacles without losing balance. Google plans to significantly improve its capabilities.

The company has formed a new division with the name Robotics in Google, which is run by an experienced specialist in artificial intelligence, Vincent Vanouke. The idea is to use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to allow robots to be much faster and easier to move around, said TheVerge.

In this way, future robots will be better able to understand what is happening around them and adequately respond to the situation.

Google is a global leader in the development of artificial intelligence and is convinced that the future of robots lies precisely in this technology. The next step is to increase investment in the robotic department of Google, with the company’s plans to be long-term.

The goal is to create a brand new generation of smart machines to revolutionize this segment. It will not be a surprise if Google buys other innovative companies working in this segment to realize their ambitious plans.

Google will use artificial intelligence to improve robots

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