Google versus Huawei – why Android can be the loser of the loser

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Google versus Huawei – why Android can be the loser of the loser

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Huawei has a lot of problems with the US government, which led to the company being blacklisted. This prohibits US companies from working with Huawei and Google has already confirmed that it ceases to offer Android and Huawei Android support. And it will not affect badly only Huawei, but the entire Android ecosystem, notes AndroidAuthority.

According to the website, the idea that when a person does not have a Huawei phone, what happens does not affect it is wrong. If the ban becomes permanent, it will affect every device owner with the most popular mobile operating system.

The ban will be expensive

The ban will also seriously affect Google. While the company’s services are not available in China, it gradually increases its presence in the country. She invested in an artificial intelligence laboratory in China, and developed a special version of her search engine for the local market.

All of these projects are now at risk, as Chinese authorities may not be satisfied with Huawei’s limitations and can react reciprocally.

Many other American companies, including Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Microsoft and so on. will also lose money by completing a business relationship with Huawei.

Smaller US companies and application vendors will lose the market and the potential audience, which will reduce the money for innovation for new Android apps and services.

Will there be a new competitor to Android

In general, the existence of competition is a good thing. Huawei has said on several occasions that there is a plan B that includes a new operating system. There are rumors that the Huawei platform will be able to work with Android applications and can be released by the end of this year.

Even so, it will be a new operating system that will require users to get used to it. Huawei is likely to continue to use the EMUI interface to make it easier for users, but it will not be easy to convince that the new offer is better than Android. However, the company may have no choice.

If, however, the platform is good enough, and Huawei retains the interest of consumers, its alternative may inconspicuously come out as a serious competitor to Android.

Huawei’s smartphone business is very large, especially in China, where many US services and applications are not available. So the transition will be easier and Android can quickly be seriously threatened in one of the largest markets.

Huawei is a very peasant to fall

The company is already busy for billions and, according to one and two analyzes, is the second-largest smartphone maker in the world. It is also the largest producer of telecommunication equipment. There is support from the Chinese government.

Huawei is able to be too large a company to fall, although this is not impossible. The battle has yet to come, and much of it will be implemented not on the market, but on the political scene.

And politicians’ decisions can seriously affect not only Huawei, but Android as a whole, if it proves that the United States and China are in an even more serious trade war by sanctioning sanctions.

Do you have all this?

Since the problem is mainly political, and not a matter of business competition, and which offers better innovation and technology, the views will be very heterogeneous. For many, Huawei will be the embodiment of Chinese dominance, and the company has its own “shadow” stories in the past.

Others will be of the opinion that political disputes should not be confused with business and innovation. Taking a case into the case will be difficult, with everyone having reasonable and not so good arguments.

The goal of the United States is to punish only Huawei and China. But in such an interconnected world and economy, the punishment of one usually reflects in some way to others.

Google versus Huawei – why Android can be the loser of the loser

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