Google Pixel 4 will cost more than the iPhone 11

Google Pixel 4 will cost more than the iPhone 11

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We have already informed you that the Google Pixel 4 will premiere on October 15th. The series smartphones have been the subject of much speculation, revealing most of the improvements. We now know more details about the price at which Pixel 4 will debut in the market.

Initial information is an indication that improvements in the range of smartphones can boost their price to the value of the iPhone 11. Factor that will put the Pixel 4 in direct competition with the leaders of other leading Android manufacturers, as well as Apple.

Information from several different retailers reveals that the Google Pixel 4 version with 64 GB of internal storage will sell for around 820 euros. For comparison, the starting price of the iPhone 11 on the European continent is approximately € 810.

If confirmed, that means the Pixel 4 will automatically become the most expensive smartphone in the series so far. The Elara retail chain also plans to start selling the Pixel 4 with 128 GB of internal memory for € 1,125.

By comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro, which has 256 GB of memory, can be found on the continent for € 1,329, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max with such capacity costs € 100 more. However, it should be noted that the information is not officially confirmed.

However, preliminary data reveals that the Google Pixel 4 series can be much more expensive than most users expect. Future smartphone owners will have at least three versions to choose from: Only Black, Clear White, and Orange.

Google Pixel 4 will cost more than the iPhone 11

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