Google Maps will now show us an electric charger

Google Maps will now show us an electric charger

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Electric cars are becoming more and more popular among consumers around the world. Leading companies are constantly testing new technologies to extend their range to make them even more attractive to their customers.

One problem with EA cars is that finding a charging station can be a very difficult task. If you are an owner, you should know that Google Maps already offers a quick, easy and convenient solution, says BGR.

The popular navigation service will now include real-time information for electric vehicle charging stations directly from the search function. The company confirmed that it has already distributed an update for desktop and Android and iOS smartphones.

It is planned to integrate Android Auto. To use this feature, you just need to enter “ev charging stations” in the built-in Google Maps search engine to get the latest results.

Then you get detailed information about the stations that are close to you, but also how many charging terminals have, where they are on the map, and how quickly they can power the vehicle’s battery.

Google Maps social algorithms will show you the most relevant comments and feedback from other users when choosing the right place to load. The company will continue to work with its partners to further improve the new function.

Google Maps will now show us an electric charger

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