Google Maps and Google Search will retain incognito modes

Google Maps and Google Search will retain incognito modes

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Google has officially confirmed that they are developing incognito viewing modes in two of the most popular services. These are Google Maps and Google Search.

The data is from an I / O conference that started a few hours ago and was accompanied by a brief demonstration of how the new functionality works. Incognito mode in the apps itself will allow us to use it without syncing data with Google accounts, TheVerge reports.

All you have to do is click on the image in your account and select the option “Include incognito mode“. In this way, you can work with Google Maps and the search engine without any information about your search stored on the company’s servers.

Of course, there is always a way to open a new incognito window in the web browser and get the same effect. The new option, however, will make confidential browsing much more convenient for everyone.

The company assured that this tool will soon be available to consumers. At the same time, Google will find it easier to find information that mobile apps keep for the activity of users.

For the future, a new section will appear in the Google Chrome menu under the name “Your Data”, which provides information about things that are stored for you on Google Search, YouTube, Google News and Maps. This functionality will be available to users in the next few days.

Google Maps and Google Search will retain incognito modes

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