6 Free Google Keyword Traffic Tools and how to use them in generating organic traffic

There are so many Google keyword traffic tools to detect traffic driving keywords from Google. With this keywords tools, you will be able to identify lucrative from non lucrative google keywords in your niche. I shall be recommending Seotoolstation google keyword traffic tool as well.

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What is a keyword and What are Keywords in Blogging

A keyword in blogging means a particular term that other people uses in making their google searches. e.g “Kennedy” is a keyword and when you type that on google search bar, you will see many related results to the above keyword.

There are short tail keywords and long tail keywords: The example given above is a short tail keyword because it’s just one world.

But when more words are combined to form keywords ,then we say it’s longtail keywords e.g “Kennedy Prosper the Blogger”

As a blogger who is looking forward to drive required organic traffic, we always target less competitive keywords which are mostly longtail keywords.

When You write about Facebook as a new blogger , am sure you will never rank 10th page on google even when you have the best writeups about Facebook. The reason is because your target keywords(Facebook) is a shortTail keyword with very high competition since millions of bloggers has already mentioned Facebook even before you.

On the other hand When you blog about keywords like how to Unhack a hacked Facebook account am quite sure you can rank for such keywords because it’s extremely longTail keywords which is likely to have less competition.

What am trying to explain here is that: LongTail keywords with less competition can sustain your organic traffic than ever especially if you can get highly demanded long tail keywords with less competition


How can you get such keywords?

It’s not something that can be done easily with mere thinking or reasoning.

At times keywords generated from our own senses could be lucrative in the future but as a blogger who is starting up, you need keywords that are already in demand with less competition to drive better amount of google traffic.

Without the help of google keyword traffic tools, it can be very difficult to find such traffic driving keywords.

Just like i have mentioned earlier, there are many google keyword traffic tools online to detect google traffic driving keywords but in this article, we shall discuss the most essential ones.

Essential Google keyword Traffic Tools For Bloggers

Inasmuch as driving organic traffic remains essential to every blogger, you need the below free google keyword traffic tools to improve your google search ranking

  • Seotoolstation LongTail keywords generator This free tool is meant to help Bloggers generate LongTail keywords that are likely to rank on googles front page.
  • SearchVolume.io Immediately after getting keywords to blog about , i usually come here to search for the volume.

    With this free keywords search volume finder, you will be able to know how many people who are searching for particular keywords in a defined location.

    Let’s take for instance you’re targeting readers from USA, After getting your target keywords , just open the website and paste your target keywords select USA and click on search .

    You will see the average monthly search volume displayed. otherwise you will see empty result which means more persons aren’t interested in that Keywords in your selected particular location at a moment

  • Seotoolstation Keywords Competition Checker This is another Google keyword traffic tools after getting the keywords to blog about. You also need this tool to know how competitive the keywords seem to be.

    Using this Seotoolstation keywords competition and Keywords difficulty tool, you will be able to know if your targeted keywords will rank or not.

    Visit the above page and enter your Targeted keywords then click on search button to see the keywords difficulty result.

    If your keywords difficulty result is above 45%, it can be very hard to rank for such keywords especially for new websites.

    Personally, i always get confidence in blogging keywords below 40% because i have the assurance i will always rank for them even with my new blog.

    The lesser your keywords difficulty result is, the higher the chances of ranking top page for such keywords increase.

  • Seotoolstation related keywords Finder This google keyword traffic tools will help you get other related keywords after getting your main keywords.

    For instance, my target keywords is Create a free blog. While writing on that keywords, you should use other related search terms alongside with your main keywords.

    You can’t possibly use the main keywords all through your writing. that’s not a good SEO writing technique. You need to use other related keywords during your writing such as Build free websites, Design blogs for free, Create new website, Create free blogs etc. . those are some related keywords to the main Target keywoy above.

    All you have to do is type in your target keywords on this tool and click on search allow the page to load and you will see all relate keywords pop out.

    You can copy them to your NotePad to pick the ones you need during your writing then you can fix them in strategically into your writeups.

    In this case even when some readers happens to divert their searches using related keywords , google will still find those keywords in your website.

  • Seotoolstation Allintitle Competition Checker There are some keywords that may have less competition but even with those keywords you won’t rank number one on google front page because the few competitors targeting such keywords has properly done their optimizations.

    This Google Keyword traffic tool will enable you know when a keyword is loose and easy to rank for.

    You will see your top10 competitors and how well they’ve done their optimizations to target the keywords.

    If Your competitors only hits such keywords in their writeups or descriptions then you will need to hit the keywords in your writeups by using them as ordinary text,Your Focused keywords, Subheadings, Description and in your URL.

    If you can target the keywords in all of the above areas were your competitors are loose, you’re likely to rank for that Keywords even if it takes time.

  • Seotoolstation Keywords position checker After doing your optimization, there is always need to monitor your success.

    With this tool, You can check the positions your target keywords are ranking on google. perhaps there may be room for improvement.

Wrapping Up: Google Keyword traffic tools

The above Google keyword traffic tools when properly used can help increase your google search presence and ranking.

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