Google buys the software company Looker for $ 2.6 billion

Google buys the software company Looker for $ 2.6 billion

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Adds cloud computing tool Thomas Kourian, the Google Cloud chief, makes his first big purchase. Google will buy Looker, a private large data analysis company for $ 2.6 billion, the cash dollar.

This is the first major acquisition of Google Cloud Thomas Kourian’s chief executive officer. Google’s Cloud Computing takes third place in the world after Amazon and Microsoft in terms of rental revenue from infrastructure and other computer business tools.

However, Google Cloud BigQuery, a large data management tool, attracts powerful clients, according to cloud industry analysts. Looker and Google Cloud have similar cultures and share more than 350 users, Blue Apron Holdings Inc. and Hearst Communications Inc. Kourian focuses on data and analysis to fill the gaps in her subdivision and expand the portfolio.

The Looker completes and completes the Google Cloud Analysis platform, he says. The agreement also reflects Kurian’s customer-acquired special software program, as competitors focus on more general tools. Looker was founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz, California and has a team of about 800 people.

The company raised $ 281 million of venture capital and was estimated at $ 1.6 billion last year. The Looker tool allows analysts and other professionals to calculate revenue and identify high value clients, then visualize trends in their data without writing complex scripts. It compete with Microsoft’s Tableau software, Dom and Power BI.

After the deal, Tableau shares fell by 3.7% and Domo by 0.4%. Microsoft grew 1.6 percent, and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) grew 0.3 percent. According to an analyst, Looker is one of the best business intelligence tools developed in various clouds and will benefit from Google’s resources. Cowen’s research firm expects that Looker’s revenue will reach $ 140 million in 2019.

According to Kurian, Looker’s integration will bring new features. Boris Evelson, who follows the data analysis market for Forrester Research, called the Smart Looker. The CEO of Looker Frank Bien is expected to remain with Google, reporting Curie. Google Cloud Chief Executive, who joined Google in November last year, said he did not expect the contract to run antitrust inspection as the company buys software, not data, and has committed this software to connect with Amazon and other competing clouds . services.

Both companies expect agreement approval this year. The biggest is Google after acquiring the Nest for $ 3.2 billion in 2014. Private Investment Fund CapitalG Alphabet previously invested in Looker.

Google buys the software company Looker for $ 2.6 billion

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