Google buys a cloud search provider for $ 2.6 billion

Google buys a cloud search provider for $ 2.6 billion

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Google has officially confirmed that they have agreed to acquire Looker in a deal whose financial parameters reach $ 2.6 billion. The company operates in cloud services and offers a data analysis platform and already generates over $ 280 million of investment.

Search engine solutions will be integrated directly into Google Cloud. The deal will provide additional opportunities for Google users to process their cloud data.

Getting Looker is another tool that the tech giant will try to realize even more sales of software and cloud space for business users. This is a market segment in which Google fails to compete successfully with other leading brands such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Last year, the company decided to replace Diane Green with Oracle’s long-time specialist Tomas Kurian as the head of the cloud service business, TechCrunch reported.

This is the first major deal under the leadership of the new Google Cloud Services boss. The combination of the unique offers of the two companies will provide a complete ecosystem for linking, collecting, storing, analyzing and visualizing data in Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

So far, Google and Looker have also teamed up in this niche market and currently have over 350 conscientious users. The previous acquisition of Google Cloud was the purchase of Apigee for $ 625 million in 2016.

Google buys a cloud search provider for $ 2.6 billion

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