Google Blogger SEO: How to do SEO for blogger Websites

Let’s talk about how to do seo for blogger: As a blogger who is using Blogspot or Blogger as your Blogging platform, you should be searching for how to do seo for blogger knowing well that without SEO properly set on your blog, you’re equally going no where.

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We all know there are many ways to drive traffic even without SEO but it might require you some work and activities.

That means: Your traffic goes down as soon as you stop implementing most of these free strategies for driving traffic without SEO

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Because you understood this fact earlier that the power of SEO cannot be underestimated, it makes you search for keywords such as how to do seo for blogger, Google Blogger SEO,Blogspot SEO tutorial , Blogspot SEO setting, Blogger SEO script and many more related keywords all because you wanted to make your Blogspot site SEO friendly


With the help of SEO, I do get traffic to this Blog and other of my Blogs even when am off work: I need no more struggle for traffic since google is always there so solve the traffic problem.

Let’s not talk much as this article is only meant to show you how to do seo for blogger. Now let me show you The steps you need to take.

how to do seo for blogger or Blogspot Sites

When we talk of SEO, it’s structured into two divisions according to what i have learnt and experienced with the many years of Blogging and stay on the Internet. (SEO Settings and SEO Keywords)

  • Google Blogger SEO settings

    SEO settings are the first steps you must take to get your site working on Google. and this SEO settings includes submitting your site and sitemaps to google, and doing SEO setups from your Blogspot dashboard via settings Tab.

    Here are the helpful links that can help your fix and submit your Blogspot site and sitemaps to google

    With the above link, You will learn how to add your Blogspot site and sitemap to google with ease.

    The above Blogspot SEO script is a script you can add to your Blogger site to empower your SEO structure.

    The above link will walk you through the whole process of setting your Blogspot SEO from your dashboard.

  • Google Blogger SEO:Keywords Research

    If you’ve done all of the above settings on your Blogspot site, The next thing is to learn how to to get keywords to blog about and how to structure your article to rank for them.

    Even after doing all of the above basic SEO settings such as submission of your site and sitemaps to Google’ Without keywords research, you will still find it difficult to rank.

    the reason is because ” You will only write about keywords that won’t even get your site on googles front page.

    With keywords research, You can easily find what people are searching for which are easy to rank.

    The whole idea behind creating a successful blog that drives organic traffic all lies in getting easy to rank keywords. Which you can learn here to complete your answer on how to do seo for blogger

Wrapping Up:how to do seo for blogger

With all of the above in your finger tips, Trust me you will find it easy to create a successful site that will rank on Google’s front page with ease.

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