Get started with Samsung’s retractable phone

Get started with Samsung’s retractable phone

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Galaxy Fold will be available for sale on April 26 in the United States. Samsung Electronics has received “a few” reports of corrupt display of the test pieces from the mobile phone that the Korean company recently presented and is preparing. put on sale.

Galaxy Fold, scheduled for sale in the US on April 26, looks like a conventional smartphone but opens as a book. So another screen is revealed – two screens together form something like a tablet. Samsung’s folding smartphone is one of several similar models that have been introduced in recent months.

It is considered the biggest change in the world of smartphones from the current iPhone. Immediately before the start of the sale, reporters with model testing parts reported smartphone failures after just one or two days of use, Reuters reported. “We will carefully review these items to determine the cause of the problem,” Samsung said.

The stock of the company immediately fell. The defects woke up the spirit of the notorious Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which appeared three years ago. Battery problems have led to numerous incidents or explosions.

This forced Samsung to withdraw all of the market model. For a switch screen, analysts say the breaks in the first set of test models are not unexpected.

Get started with Samsung’s retractable phone

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