French digital tax will hit the wrong one

French digital tax will hit the wrong one

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3 percent tax to be passed to small businesses and customers Income tax for digital technology giants will be charged to small businesses and end-users, Amazon says. Last month, the French Senate voted to introduce a 3% tax on major revenue Internet companies operating in the country.

But the burden of the new tax will be on small businesses and end users, a leading online retailer warned. At the end of the week, Amazon released a statement warning that it would pass on the cost of the new French digital tax to consumers and business partners.

According to the company, the new tax may make it difficult for some companies in France to compete successfully with foreign players. The French Senate votes on a 3% tax on revenue generated by technology giants delivering digital services in the country.

In response, US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose duties on French wine imported into the United States, according to Reuters. In its comment on the new tax, Amazon states that it is unable to pay income tax instead of profit.

The company justified its decision to pass that cost on to consumers by fierce competition in the low-cost retail sector and the need for significant investments in digital tools and services.

“We understand that this may put small French businesses at a disadvantage over their competitors in other countries,” Amazon said, adding that it had alerted French authorities to the effects of the digital tax.

French digital tax will hit the wrong one

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