Freedom – Blocks the Internet to Work Better

Freedom – Blocks the Internet to Work Better

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A lightweight application that can increase our productivity The Freedom Control Center is intuitive and easy to use. The Internet is now an unbeatable factor, but are we aware that, apart from being useful in our work, can the global network hampers?

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If you have any doubts, it is worth checking the application for Freedom. This lightweight program blocks Internet access, with the expected effect of increasing office productivity – freedom will save you from constant temptations coming from network, games, news, messages, and more.


After installing and creating an account, the program is located in the system taskbar where all options are available. From the right-hand menu you can schedule, start, and manage sessions.

Additional features are available in the Freedom online account – you can manage your devices, organize block lists, modify ways, and more. Freedom allows you to set off periods without the Internet, after blocking access, the program notifies you in a separate window for the remaining time until the limit reaches – it may be arbitrarily long, incl. days and weeks.

The program allows you to selectively block sites in any browser and every Windows application. When you really have to focus, you can easily block access to the entire Internet.

The application works on all devices – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Freedom – Blocks the Internet to Work Better

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