Top 8 Legit Blogging sites that Pay: Make money Blogging/Writing for free

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Well, today we want to discuss about few blogging sites that pay but before we take a full swing into the depts of this topic, I want to tell us some truths for a moment, so I will tag this Moment “The Moment of Truth”.

HIwap earning

Now the Session begins…



When people are trying to sell things to us, they lie most of the times and this is because they want us to buy in, they want to convince us by all means and they will say anything possible to make us dip our hands in our pockets to pull out our hard earned Money and send it to them, not considering the fact that to be honest is more important than a quick dishonest sell that won’t keep the customer coming back.

So, what is this lie? That it won’t cost you anything, not even a Dime to run a successful Blog today, that all you will pay for is their eBook, their strategy, their Guide or whatever they might be trying to sell to you and after that they will tell you that Google Blogger is Free and WordPress too is Free and you can use their eBook, Guide or Strategy with this platform without spending any money whatsoever and after that you will start earning or achieving a certain result.

But after you pull out the cash and pay, a new reality dawns on you that a bare naked won’t take you far neither will that of and then you further realize that there are limitations to what you can achieve with the FREE blogger blog, then on the second thought, it dawns on you that you need to buy a domain for at least $13.

even while you were trying to come to terms with these reality, then some things you wanted to do on are not working because WordPress is asking you to upgrade to a Premium plan before you can embed your Affiliate links or Google AdSense snippet on the site and more.

At this point, it just double dawn on you that you have entered something bigger than what you anticipated for, because of the sweet sugar-coated mouth of the sales person who wanted you to buy into his eBook, Guide, Strategy or Plan.


What do you? Signup on Blogging Sites that Pay

That’s where we come in with this article, where we are going to show you how to start your blogging career without a Penny, all you need to do is identify Blogging sites that pay. Did I just hear you say “Blogging sites that Pay?”, Yes you got me right, I mean Sites that pays you to blog or rather sites that pays you for blogging with them.

And you are like “How does it work, what are they paying me for and How much can I earn?”. That and so many other questions are what I will address here in this article.

List of 8 best Blogging sites that pay

These are the list of Blogging sites that pay and make sure you understand their criteria and scope of operations.

  • 1. HowlRound:blogging site that pay

    Are you involved in Theatre and believes in yourself when it comes to creative writing of Essays and Blog post related to the Theatre acts and its subject matters, then these guys are your best bet, anytime, any day.


  • 2. Blogelina:Blogging site that pay

    You of all people should have know by now that Blogging is a very lucrative and highly demanded niche with opportunities lurking everywhere, the World Wide Web is power by contents and articles like the one and writing now and Blogelina writes on Starting and running a Successful blog for Newbies and it pays you for writing great masterpiece for it audience.


  • 3. The Introspectionist:Blogging site that pay

    I will say that these is mostly a thing for the female Gender but notwithstanding, any guy who has flare and understanding of the feminine gender can also write for the Introspectionist and earn between $15 – $25 per content. They prefer contents and articles that are creative and nonfictional, informative contents and Essays.


  • 4. Writers Weekly:Blogging site that pay

    Through writings for Markets and communication, writers weekly focus on the mediums that Money could be made, paying $60 for a minimum of 600 and above words of article. NOTE: Your content must be preapproved before writing.


  • 5. TakeLessons Blog:blogging site that pay

    Accepting and paying for Article that revolves around Language and Music with a minimum of 900 – 1,200 words, Take Lessons Blog offers its writers $50 if their content is accepted.


  • 6. Scotch:Blogging site that pay

    A Tier based writing program that offers its authors up to $150 per Article, Scotch believes in high quality contents that will be educating to its readers.

    Scotch offers one of the best payments in writing and have paid lots of people so far, if you want to start earning with Scotch, then head down to their site and Signup.


  • 7. Hubpage:Blogging site that pay

    HubPages is a user generated content, revenue-sharing website that allows Authors and content writers to share their insights and Articles in exchange for a spot to place their Advertisements, mist especially the well-known Google AdSense Ads.

    Hubpage started as a single Author blog not until they acquired their competitor Squidoo in 2016, did they now revamped to be a multi-author site that accepts high quality contents that will be educating to its readers into their site in exchange for advert spot for the writers.


  • 8. InfoBarrel:blogging site that pay

    This site is another great place to earn from your Blogging skills, they allow users to post editorial and educative contents in any niche for a well good traffic spot for your AdSense, Sales Page, Blog, Affiliate links, etc.


The Modus Operandi of Blogging sites that pay

Having a better understanding of how these blogging sites that pay works matters a lot, most especially when you can figure out their accepted writing pattern and what they expect to see in your writings.

Some of them pays you for writing in which then automatically owns the copyright of your content and these are the ones I have listed above while some are what we term “Revenue Sharing Sites”, example of these kind of sites are Weebly, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc.

Revenue sharing sites do not pay your directly for the contents you write but rather allows you put your AdSense code snippets or affiliate links on these contents to earn, sharing 50% / 50% of the spot on the article or retaining full ownership of your Revenues.

How Much can I earn on Blogging Sites that Pay

The amount of Money you can earn from blogging sites that pay is limitless and would only be limited to the numbers of well optimized and informational Articles that you are able to make available on the site.

Another thing that matters is also how well you can Optimize the content for SEO and monetize it to get the best of it, because it is one thing to get people to read your writings and it is another thing to convert them to customers, to generate leads or sales.

We have seen people who earned $1,000 – $10,000 per month though sometimes these figures fluctuate and it also depends on the hours of writing efforts put into the writings.

Writing can be tedious and daunting from the onset, but if you give it time and keep pushing, you will have no option but to fall in love with it.

Summary and Tips

At this point, I want to believe that you now have an idea of blogging sites that pays and how to go about them, on the other hand I was also able to tell you the Truth about blogging

It has not and would not really be Free as it entails some charges and fees to make it go smoothly even though charges might be very little, because blogs with a subdomain extension of another authority sites like and are not that regarded these days by users and Search Engine itself, meanwhile you will realize that even after setting up your website,you would always want more on your site.

perhaps further optimize your on-page SEO based on page and post level and adding multimedia contents like Audio, these sites might not allow you do that, which brings us to terms that we are better off writing for blogging sites that pay and earn quite some Money before considering starting our own blog which might cost us a rough estimate of $50, Domain and Hosting inclusive with a Nice Premium Theme.

NOTE: It is always very important and Crucial to follow up on these sites to know their Rules, Policies and Regulations in order not to write otherwise and end up wasting your precious time and ultimately lose your potential earnings. Read all there rules and regulations to get started.

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