Free internet has protected other human rights

Free internet has protected other human rights

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Scientists Internet access means protecting the right to freedom and information, says the scientist, the scientist says

Free internet access should be considered a fundamental human right, insists Dr Merten Reglitz of the University of Birmingham, referring to the results of his own study.

According to the researcher, access to the global network also means the protection of other human rights – the rights to life, liberty, information, etc. The Internet should not be under scrutiny and censorship, according to a scientist published by

In censorship, people can be “cut off” not only from the world, but also from the ability to influence those involved in the creation of laws and rules that they must abide by, Dr. Reglitz said.

According to the study’s author, there are more and more politicians active in the online space where there is more debate and debate – that is, without the internet it is simply impossible for people to participate in all these processes.

The researcher acknowledges that access to the Internet is not a guarantee of respect for other human rights, but it does affect the public and government’s attitude to certain issues.

Free internet has protected other human rights

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