Forget smart phones, at least temporarily

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Forget smartphones, at least temporarily

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Biometrics and Ultrasound Technology Better Bets The Smart Phones on the Full Screen will first best behave through improved biometric technology and ultrasonic gesture control, display body dimensions or offer a foldable or flexible display.

However, given the recent failure of the retractable screens, full-screen smartphones will initially work best through improved biometric technology and ultrasonic control, says ABI Research.

The consultant company predicts that camera-based recognition will be the dominant biometric technology in smartphones, reaching 487 million in 2023, followed by integrated fingerprint scanners with nearly 228 million deliveries in 2023.

This enables manufacturers to develop larger smartphone screens, reducing the need for sensors, buttons, and other front-panel features, “says Stephanie Tomset, ABI research analyzer.” They allow devices to have minimal frames, creating a relatively smaller formal size-increasing factor screen, which can also be achieved by using folding screens.

“By developing many new interfaces, the use of fingerprint scanners installed on the screen eliminates the need for additional sensor or button on the front of the device.

The camera built into the camera also adds to the screen, while sound technology such as LG’s Crystal Sound OLED, use the speaker’s display to eliminate the need for speaker mounting on the front of the device. asphon and body of a smartphone, focusing on projects with full glass views, while keeping the size of the format at a minimum.

As the next wave of innovation approaches, the market is gearing up to provide a more complete experience based not only on the touch but also on the touchless interface. According to industry rumors, Apple is working on creating a smartphone with no holes, loudspeakers, or grids, using many of these technologies, similar to the conceptual concepts of Meizu.

Significant investment in these technologies will be needed, and many companies have patents that will further boost the development of the full-screen experience.

For example, Apple has an iPhone patent that allows the screen to be a loudspeaker, Samsung patented a smartphone that allows the screen to be a camera, and LG has a patent for a smartphone wrapped around the screen.

Despite many options, including folding screens, experts discuss how these options can be used in tandem and whether some of them become obsolete due to lack of utility, excessive overhead or bad user experience.

Manufacturers wanting to develop screens without borders must be aware of the problems and challenges of technology.

Specifically, the box helps protect the sides of the smartphone to find alternative protection methods. Frames also prevent accidental interaction with the screen side.

Therefore, technology responses should be explored to ensure that users are not disappointed with unwanted interactions, concluded Stephanie Tomscet of ABI Research.

Forget smartphones, at least temporarily

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