Flexible display laptops – at the earliest after two years

Flexible display laptops – at the earliest after two years

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Intel has explored the benefits of mobile computing technology. After several companies have introduced smartphones with flexible displays, the question of when the market will appear and similar to laptops. According to Intel representative who quoted the Nikkei Asian Review, it will be the earliest for two years.

“We are beginning at the beginning of the road and trying to understand the possibilities and limitations of technology”Said Intel’s director of mobile innovation, Joshua Newman said Intel sees potential in folding screens as they can give users new opportunities, and the company is currently exploring these opportunities to try and understand how flexible laptops can be used.

It will take at least two years to create a reliable and flexible laptop Intel explores the flexibility of using flexible displays with leading display makers such as LG Display, BOE Technology Group, Sharp and Samsung Display.

While the benefits of smart smartphone display are obvious, the use of such technology is not so obvious in laptops. It’s Intel’s task is not just to design a reliable flexible notebook but to explain to consumers what innovations can be used.

For Intel itself, it’s a flexible notebook computer to give the industry and consumers something new, except for traditional computers whose demand continues to decline. Thus the company can promote the sale of new computers and resp. own processors.

Flexible display laptops – at the earliest after two years

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