Fingerprint instead of Android password

Fingerprint instead of Android password

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Google extends fingerprint features on smartphones Fingerprint can replace password as a standard feature for identifying Google services on Android devices. Today, almost all smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Devices without a fingerprint sensor still appear, but these are individual models. Technology has the potential for much wider application than it currently is. In most cases, fingerprint scanners are used to unlock the device. They can sometimes be used to block access to certain software as well as to confirm online payments.

But the potential of the fingerprint sensor is much broader. For example, they can replace passwords almost completely. This is where Google begins to realize that potential. Using Fingerprint for Password-Free Identification. The innovation is based on FIDO2, W3C WebAuthn and FIDO CTAP standards and aims to provide easier and more secure authentication to Android users.

The result is a longstanding collaboration between Google and FIDO members and W3C. At first, the new feature is implemented in a very limited format: the fingerprint can be used to sign in to many Google services accounts, but only on Pixel smartphones.

However, the internet company promises that all devices running Android 7.0 and above will receive support for the new feature in the coming days.

Fingerprint instead of Android password

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