Facebook will pay a cryptography to review the ad

Facebook will pay a cryptography to review the ad

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Project Develops With Enhanced Mystery Internet users will be rewarded in cryptology when they browse ads. Facebook’s social network prepares their own dollar-worth crypto-dollar subsidies to pay to viewers, Wall Street reported.

The project, known as Project Libra (formerly “Facebook stablecoin”), is developing with increased mystery. The company is already negotiating with Vis, Mastercard, and First Data to raise billions of dollars to secure the chip. This will allow Facebook to maintain a constant stream of crypto-lite.

In addition, the social network negotiates with dozens of internet trading and mobile payment services to accept Project Libra Token as a means of payment. Some of them offer to become investors in the project.

It is argued that the commission for sellers in the Facebook payment system will be lower than the usual credit card processing rates – usually 2-3%. Facebook intends to pay in the user crypt to watch the ad.

This option is similar to loyalty programs for regular merchants. Facebook should become the largest crypto-operator. At that time it is not known when the social network will publish its own crypto-wave.

Similar systems are being prepared by other major players in the online industry – Apple Card, Apple and Goldman Sachs, as well as the Amazon Pay and TON Block Platform for encrypted Messenger-based telegrams.

Facebook will pay a cryptography to review the ad

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