Facebook will change the names of Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook will change the names of Instagram and WhatsApp

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The company wants to improve the reputation of its own products In the names of Instagram and WhatsApp will already appear, and Facebook. Facebook plans to rebrand two of its most popular services – Instagram and WhatsApp, adding their name to their names.

The social network for photos will be called “Instagram by Facebook,” and the messenger will be renamed “WhatsApp by Facebook,” The Information reported. Facebook employees have already been alerted to the upcoming rebranding.

According to company representatives, ownership of Facebook-owned products should be clearer. The infamous distance of Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook has allowed social networks and a company-owned messenger to avoid the privacy scandals that Facebook regularly participates in.

It is currently known that the names of the respective Instagram and WhatsApp apps in digital content stores will change. In this way, Facebook intends to increase the reputation of its own products against the backdrop of recent consumer confidentiality scandals.

Over the last year, Facebook has done a lot of work on Instagram and WhatsApp. The site’s co-founders and messenger on social media left the company last year and was replaced by experienced executives reporting on work done by Facebook executives.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently approved another investigation into Facebook. This time, the Commission wants to understand why Facebook is buying other businesses.

The investigation will determine if the company’s acquisition is not an attempt to release potential competitors. In the last 15 years, Facebook has purchased about 90 companies, incl. Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook will change the names of Instagram and WhatsApp

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