Facebook switches to lighter design

Facebook switches to lighter design

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Users can also expect improved functionality Facebook’s new design is lighter and easier. Facebook’s social networking is changing. The new web design, called FB5, is lighter and easier, while the company focuses on security and confidentiality.

The most noticeable change is in the color range. Facebook leaves the blue square with the blue logo of the circle and the navigation moves to the top panel. Updated web design will be available to all users in the next few months, and iOS and Android apps are expected to be redesigned.

Facebook leads a new course in terms of security and confidentiality. In addition, the company plans to improve its features – for example, the user card will be able to see community newsletters and a referral system to search for new groups.

Some communities will be provided with Job Templates Templates (for Workgroups) and Chat (for Gaming Communities). The search engine will also be able to search for friends of interest, location, city, place of learning etc. Messenger also undergo a redesign.

There is also an event section where users can find out what’s going on in their circle, get recommendations and coordinate their actions with friends.

All of these changes to the Facebook version will be introduced at the same time as the upgraded version of Messenger, which also undergoes a redesign and becomes lighter and faster.

Facebook switches to lighter design

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