Facebook Messenger’s night mode is now available for all users

Facebook Messenger’s night mode is now available for all users

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Just a few days ago, we informed you that Facebook wants to return Messenger to an official social networking application. The company has long experimented with the integration of the night mode because this feature is becoming more and more popular among consumers.

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Facebook has been testing Dark Mode since the beginning of 2018. and so far this mode in one form or another was available only to a limited audience. On an official blog post, the company confirmed that the night mode is now available for everyone.


This means that hundreds of millions of people using Facebook Messenger will be able to easily activate this feature in the mobile application. To do this, it takes literally a few clicks, inform TechRadar. One option is to open the settings menu and just click on the profile image.

As soon as the optional option window is loaded, you will see at the top of the slider that activates Dark Mode in your Messenger conversations.

Starting night mode is particularly convenient when you are in dark places, because they do not lose sight when reading. Another great advantage of this feature is that it saves the battery of smartphones. Facebook has confirmed that they are already distributing the update to all accounts.

Keep in mind that it may take a little longer before Dark Mode is active all over the world, which will require you to arm yourself with some patience before testing the function of your device.

Facebook Messenger’s night mode is now available for all users

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