Facebook experiments with robots

Facebook experiments with robots

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Although Facebook uses software robots in many of its activities, few of them link the social network with physical robots. However, it turns out that the research department of the company conducts various experiments in the field of robotics, trying to improve artificial intelligence.

Technological giants often resort to such a strategy, notes The Verge. Many companies, including Google, Nvidia and Amazon, use their own artificial intelligence robots. In the process of research, specialists create a special environment that accelerates the process of training robotic mechanisms.

Facebook research is quite large and can be divided into several phases. The first researchers are forcing a six-legged robot to independently learn through experiments and mistakes.

As a result, the robot acquires the ability to interact with controllers that allow it to move. Researchers then launch a “curiosity” factor to help the robot train faster. Finally, they try to develop a sense of touch in the machine, allowing the robot to turn the ball around.

Facebook experiments with robots

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