Epson EcoTank M1120 – Ink Cartridge, Easy to Use and Economical

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Epson EcoTank M1120 – Ink Cartridge, Easy to Use and Economical

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If you have a business where clients have to sign different documents, if you are a teacher, and often print tests and assignments for students in the classroom, if you are a small editorial or advertising agency and often need to see a draft of a half-finished product and layout, what do you do – you probably have a printer.

When a person has a printer, there are several things that can make it toxic – changing the ink cartridges or toners, poor print quality on budget models, complex menu programs.

It often turns out that people go to a nearby bookstore or copier to print their documents, even though they have a printer handy. However, things can change with the Epson EcoTank M1120, a monochrome inkjet printer that is economical, saves money and has no cartridge. His appearance is somewhat reminiscent of a character from Star Wars with a black and white face. But it’s not that impressive, it’s ink work.

The EcoTank M1120 has no ink cartridges. Instead, the user fills the bottle with ink. Sounds very simple – and it really is! The lid is lifted from above, the “upright” dispenser bottle opens at the filling opening – and then the ink cartridge window can be seen filling. The bottle is designed so that it cannot go wrong – there are two guides around the opening to ensure that the nozzle enters the only correct way.

Seeing such a simple dressing, you might worry that when you place or remove a bottle, it can drip the ink and become “greasy” around it. However, the nozzle only opens when fitted to the filling port after gentle pressure. When removed, the nozzle closes tightly and does not drop a drop or even ink. We were personally convinced of the cleanliness of the business, though we were sure it would “drop something else” and had absorbent towels.

The transparent window in front can easily see the ink level. It is located in a vertical black bar that runs from the top to bottom right of the paper slot.
Using a refill bottle instead of a cartridge saves ink in the long run, Epson found.

According to their estimates, using EcoTank for three years will save 50% on printing costs compared to black and white laser printers (calculated as cost per page).

By itself, this printer does not take up much space, it is made for a really small office. Its dimensions are 375 mm wide, 267 mm deep and 161 mm high, which means it can fit almost anywhere.

The input paper slot and the printed tray are located one above the other so that the machine really takes up minimal space. The EcoTank M1120 works in A4 size only, and the tray holds up to 150 sheets.

The side panels of the device are bare, and at the back are two holes that can be inserted into the fingers – this way, with the thumb and forefinger, the back panel is provided with a click mechanism to open the machine. This, of course, is designed to remove “clogged” paper from the printer mechanism.

Wireless and mobile printing

The Epson EcoTank M1120 is a basic monochrome printer with enough features that it can be considered a simple but effective device. The printer comes with high-speed USB and Wi-Fi 802.1.1 b / g / n connections.

Using the USB interface, you can print directly from your laptop. As for Wi-Fi, the printer can connect to your home/office network as well as use a direct Wi-Fi connection to print from your mobile phone or laptop.

To connect to an office local wireless network, the printer independently takes the required settings from the computer through which it is installed, after explicitly requesting permission from the owner to use the settings.

The official Epson website provides easy instructions for setting up your M1120’s Wi-Fi network. There are even video tutorials, step by step.
In addition, the free printable application is available directly from your phone – iPrint, available for iOS and Android devices. As long as the phone has an Internet connection, the user can send the print job to the M1120 almost anywhere in the world.

The device uses an inkjet method on demand and has a resolution of 1440×720 pixels. Supports fast FPOT (first page out of time) transitions from sleep mode.
The M1120 can print 15 A4 sheets per minute, which is impressive. This, of course, applies to documents of relatively low density – pages of text. Printing graphics and images means fewer pages per minute.

In addition, the ink bottle supplied with the printer allows you to print 6000 pages with one bottle. Epson says that having similar capacity – and removing ink cartridges – helps reduce the environmental footprint.

Save energy

The M1120 is specifically designed to reduce power consumption compared to monochrome laser printers. It consumes only 14 watts – compared to about 250 watts on monochrome laser printers. This means over 17 times less power consumption.

Photo printing

The Epson EcoTank M1120 is designed for fast document printing – for example, for small businesses needing to sign and declare contracts, for schools, study rooms and more. However, it is not impossible to print beautiful black and white artwork, such as photographs. The machine can handle photo paper and has a high-quality printing method so it can produce a beautiful framed image completely.

Well, certainly such prints will not come to light at a rate of 15 pages per minute, but in fact the end result looks fascinating.

In short, if you need to print a moderate number of black and white documents and it will happen over a year – the Epson EcoTank M1120 is the perfect solution. It is efficient, fast prints, saves electricity, but is generally simple and does not require sophisticated maintenance skills, and most often maintenance – adding extra ink – is as easy as children’s play.

Availability and price

The Epson EcoTank M1120 is available for purchase online in our country at a cost of around $ 300-310, with VAT and a 3 year warranty extension after registering for free. The printer box includes 5000 pages of ink!

Epson EcoTank M1120 – Ink Cartridge, Easy to Use and Economical

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