Untold SEO tactics for Entertainment and Download Niche Bloggers

After talking about doing Keywords research using Tools like Keywordseverywhere, some bloggers are like “sir, Can i use keywords research method for my music and entertainment blog?” The truth is that when you look at those niches with ordinary view you will think keywords research aren’t relevant.

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In every Blogging niche wither download, entertainment, Music and videos, News , Politics or whatever, there are always keywords that fans are using to make searches more often to others. in that case keywords research is also relevant since people from that niche are typing certain keywords on google and other search engines to find answers.

That answered the question: If you can use the keywords research method for ent and other similar blogging niches. Thanks for reading that since that’s not our main theme here but am sure it it’s helpful. (not teaching keywords research but this post is something similar and very helpful indeed so pay full attention).

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I don’t want to write much here instead i want to share with you some strategies that works when you blog entertainment and other similar niches where you think keywords research aren’t relevant.


Generating Traffic from Google

There’s one general concept when it comes to generating traffic from google and other search engines which is: Find the keywords which people are typing in Google to make their searches ” Write about them and rank for them

Your blog will only show up when such keywords are found in your site: Remember your blog won’t still show up if the keywords are too competitive (meaning some other big blogs have talked about them) Even when you blog about them in your new blog, it may not rank instead the big blogs does.

I won’t touch that much but listen up. If am to become entertainment blogger today and since keywords research looks some how in this niche, here’s how i will go about it.

Getting Keywords for entertainment and similar Niches

I will do the normal copy and paste which is generally accepted for all entertainment, Download, and other similar Niches. There’s no way you can Write your own lyrics because you want to be a unique blogger who blogs about music lyrics (that will lead you to changing the entire song) Automatically every lyrics blogger should be a copy and paste hero.

Unless you’re a big brand you won’t get such time to write news: only if you want to kill yourself. Let’s say you struggle to write how Davido got married in Lagos: Did you know that in few days time no body wants to read that again? We all are aware that He’s married so we are looking for other trending updates. That’s why you won’t be able to constantly update your blog as a news blogger with unique contents simply because Trending news of Today will trend no more tomorrow.

Talking about Music Blogs: Can you change the title of a newly released music because you want your blog to be unique? E.g Davido- Assurance will always remain that in every blog and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or will you sing your own music and stop copying jamzs from other websites? I bet you can’t do that.

Automatically Copy and paste is forever welcomed in the world of blogging. Unless you blog on evergreen Niches like this one you’re reading from. Even in 10yrs from Now this post you’re reading will still be trending as there will always be high demand for this article forever and ever.

Am only writing the above to let you know that copy and paste isn’t a sin in blogging only in some certain niches which i have mentioned above but here’s how to get traffic from google even when you dwell on such niches. Talking Download Niche as a case study.

The power of Corner Stone articles

Keep doing your normal Copy and paste but make sure you have some backup articles: This articles will be well researched and they will keep driving longterm traffic to your blog. They are mostly “List Articles”


  • Top 10 Trending Music of 2019
  • Olamide Latest Music of the year
  • Best music of Frank Edwards 2019

Most of this backup Articles comes in list form and they may likely have the year Tag to them. You will only be updating them every year to keep them fresh and Trending.

You will have a category in your blog where you will write about those Backup articles. They should be original and well written, Well formatted for SEO sake since they are the building Blocks of your blog. They are called Corner Stone Articles.

You’re only doing this so that even when the normal news you post stop Trending your traffic won’t go down instead you will keep getting google traffic via your corner stone articles.

Here’s How to find Corner Stone Topic Ideas for your music and download blogs using google related searches.

I needed to make another corner stone article about frank Edwards songs so i just typed in Frand Edward songs on Google and scroll down the the related searches section and below are the keywords i saw.

It means some group of persons are using all of the above keywords to make searches. (You can’t know the actual amount of persons searching for that but the way the keywords sounds will show you psychologically if many people are using the keywords or not).

So i just watch the whole keywords carefully, then i clicked on Best of frank Edward songs that must be very lucrative keywords. After clicking on it, Brows through the first page to see how many of your competitors who are ranking for this keywords.

But looking at that, Very few are ranking for it and even the ones ranking don’t have good SEO posts about that keywords. Automatically they are only ranking by chance. whicb means if you can optimize your post for this keywords you will beat them with little time.

Don’t just pick this keywords to start Listing the best songs of frank Edwards without using your target keywords.

After getting such keywords, Now that you want to write make sure you use this keywords in your post introduction.

E.g Searching for Best of Frank Edwards songs 2019? This article will show you the most Trending and top songs of Edwards and their download Links

After writing about that as my first paragraph, if am to be you i will do a little introduction about frank Edwards just to make the article outstanding. After that it’s time to list your songs.

Before you list, Use the keywords a your subheading.. followed by your listing.

After the list, Draw a conclusion and make sure to use your keywords in your conclusion

E.g Yes i really love Frank Edwards as one of the best gospel musicians in Nigeria. From the above list of best frank Edwards songs of the year which one is your favourite? As for me all of them are my favourite i so much love them.

Don’t forget to share this page to get more updates about latest songs of Edwards and other top gospel musicians

With the above conclusion i have used my keywords in my last paragraph. You can now publish your post. Don’t forget to use the keywords as your focused keywords for WordPress users, Don’t forget to use the keywords in your post description, Don’t forget to use the keywords in your url e.g [blogsng.com/best-frank-edwards-songs-2019]

You need more of such corner stone articles. believe me they will keep driving organic traffic to your blog if you do them rightly. This is one secrete you can use in driving organic traffic to your music and video (download Blogs).

For Typical Entertainment Bloggers

Instead of just blogging entertainment as your niche why not blog everything you can. Entertainment does not just mean you should talk about news and gists. You Also need to upload music, Videos or even apps they are all part of entertainment.

Beside that you can also use the above method on your ent blog. it’s not only meant for pure download sites.

I needed to make an update about Linda Ikeji so i just typed Linda Ikeji Husband on google and scroll to Google related searches hope you can see some of the lucrative keywords which are easy to rank (They are easy to rank because when i clicked on them very little or non has talked about them with the SEO strategies i shared above)

Conclusion: It might not be easy

Hope you didn’t forget that SEO cannot work properly without Link Building? they all goes together. That’s why when it comes to making things work as desired in blogging can never be easy.

It’s a matter of time and strategies that works: The above inscription is just to give you a clue of the best practices you can use in your blogging niche. So far i have been able to show you strategies to get your keywords and how to use them carefully in your write ups or posts in order to rank for them (always remember this). The positions you use the keywords matters that’s why i gave you above examples because the more your keywords show up the higher your ranking chances increase.

Nothing Good comes easy like i always say: In blogging you work for every single result you get. There’s no cheating about that. If you find this article helpful why not share with others who might also be in need of them.

One more thing: The above method to finding and using keywords is applicable in every other blogging niche.

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