How to Add FeedBurner Subscription form Code to your WordPress website

Are you a blogger looking for a reliable tutorial on how to embed feedburner subscription form on your WordPress website? this guide will help you on how to add the feedburner subscription form on your website with ease.

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One of the most crucial aspects of focus for every blogger is the traffic section. After setting up a professional website and having spent some bulks to make your website outstanding in areas like content creation, proper SEO setups and other paid services, Your expectation is always income return.

This website traffic of a thing has sent many bloggers parking while on the other hand has made some bloggers rich and well known all over the universe. we have learnt that the sole aim of every blogger is generating traffic knowing well that the wealth in blogging is masked under the shadow of website traffic in other words you cannot make money from blogging without generating traffic to your website.

As a blogger there are many ways of generating traffic to your website some are paid while others are free, some are generally known while others are personal to individuals alone.

Without controversy there are many ways to generate website traffic among which we have the email list traffic generation strategies which is by generating traffic via your email subscribers.

There are many ways through which you can build email list subscribers some are paid while others are free,but in this article we are going to discuss how to Embed feedburner subscription form on your WordPress website but before we continue let’s us now what is feedburner subscription form and what it does on our website as a blogger.

How FeedBurner subscription Form works On our Website

The feedburner is Google onwed email subscribers collector. after registering and getting the feedburner subscription form code You can place it on your website via gadget or widget section or you can equally add it manually to your website posts to make it appear in the middle or in any position of your article.

They will see your feedburner subscription form and those who are interested in getting your updates must surely subscribe by simply filling in their email details

Here is how the feedburner subscription form works: After your subscribers fill in their email address, each time you create a new post on your blog they will be notified automatically that a new post has been made with the post title and post link right in your feedburner subscribers inbox..

Unlike other email list builders, you won’t send messages manually to your subscribers. with feedburner , your messages are done automatically whenever a new post is created or an update is been made.

Now that you have learnt about the feedburner subscription form and the form code lets further to how you can embed the feedburner subscription form directly to your WordPress website

Steps to get the Feedburner Subscription form Code

Create a feedburner account for your newly created blog if you have non before. feedbuner is Google owned email list builder so if you already have your gmail account you can just login directly with the above link. After you have successfully logged in to your feedburner account, Click on FeedBurner under your account settings.

From the next windows fill in your website link e.g

Ones you have successfully burned your feed , just click on the feed name and navigate to Publicize Tab

And a new page will open. from this page click on Email Subscription Link to get your feedburner subscription form and subscription link

Activate services by clicking on the Activation Key

Once you have activated the feedburner subscription form , they will give you the feedburner embedded form code which will allow your readers to subscribe and get messages directly to their inbox.

feedburner email subscription box code Image

Now highlight and copy the feedburner subscription form code and login your WordPress website admin dashboard You can add your code via the HTML widget section You can also add it manually to your blog posts, you can as well Add it to your theme via WordPress theme editor area

It’s your choice in which ever position you want to add your feedburner subscription form code but make sure you place it in an easily noticed section of your blog. e.g the header, the footer or your sidebar.

Words of Warning: Don’t buy email lists from any online source promising you thousands of email database as some of this emails nay have been blocked or the owners may have died. most at times you may not get what you paid for. This won’t be a word of my own you can read reasons why buying email lists database is bad

Here are some essential tips to build email lists using the feedburner subscription form code

  • Add the feedburner subscription form code to areas such as your site header, footer, beginning , middle or at the end of every post and pages to make it easily noticed
  • Share your feedburner subscription form link on social medias and forums while you also share valuable informations to enable your readers consider subscribing with your link.
  • Create new page on your website add your feedburner subscription form code the the page then run Facebook ads to the feedburner pages to get more subscribers.
  • Convince them you have something unique to share with them via email to enable them subscribe easily
  • share Unique articles that will force your readers to subscribe to your blog

What Next: Now that you have learnt steps to add and embed the feedburner subscription form code on your website , you can now put effort in growing your feedburner email lists.

Always remember that building a large email subscriber database requires some time and money so be patient while your list grow and also keep working hard to grow your email list even more faster for this is the whole conclusion of the matter. Did you love this article? please subscribe to our email list , Share this post and also comment below.


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