Elon Musk prepares drone-taxi Tesla unmanned

Elon Musk prepares drone-taxi Tesla unmanned

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Hardly anyone who did not hear the name of Elon Musk. The eccentric American billionaire is behind PayPal projects, Tesla electric vehicles and SpaceX, a company expected to fly to Mars in the distant future.

In addition, Muz has hundreds of other interesting projects, one of which is mentioned in an interview with CNN, is associated with a robotized taxi company that will appear soon.

For that purpose, of course, we will use the Tesla electric vehicles that will not need to be driven by the driver. Management will be entrusted to artificial computer intellect. During a meeting of investors in the company it became clear that the service was being prepared as a competitor to Uber and Lyft.

By allowing Tesla owners to rent them at a time when they do not use them. The service will also allow people to buy robot fees for business purposes. Cars will have a life of 1 million miles and will receive a profit of $ 30,000 for their owners annually.

We remind you that after a brief existence in Bulgaria the service “Uber” has been declared illegal in Bulgaria and is banned. Whether a robot taxis on Mus will appear in our homeland one day, we can only guess.

Elon Musk prepares drone-taxi Tesla unmanned

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