Electric scooters are not particularly environmentally friendly

Electric scooters are not particularly environmentally friendly

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If you want to save the planet, use bikes. It turns out that electric scooters are not as green as their supporters think. Electric scooters are gaining popularity, especially in cities. Their supporters like to say it’s eco-friendly, but is it really so?

New research published by IOP Publishing has found that sharing, i.e. renting electric scooters, is more detrimental to our planet than it might seem at first glance.

Scientists have examined not only the emissions produced by electric scooters, but also the environmental impact of the materials used in the production of these vehicles, as well as the consequences of transporting and collecting them from rental sites.

The amount of electricity used to fill a scooter is really minimal, but a lot of resources are spent on producing parts for them. In addition, cars that collect scooters scattered around the city pollute the atmosphere with exhaust fumes.

Research has confirmed that cycling is a much greener and more environmentally friendly environment than riding an electric scooter. Although there is a worse option – a car.

Electric scooters are not particularly environmentally friendly

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