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How to Edit XML Blogger Template using Android Mobile

Are you searching for how to edit xml blogger template? How to add some codes to your blogger theme to make modifications and changes? in this article i will be showing the easiest method on how to edit xml blogger template using your Android Mobile phone.

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Sometimes Adding codes to blogger templates becomes very difficult especially when you haven’t learnt to edit xml blogger template in as much as editing your theme will always hang on mobile making things difficult.

Not every Blogger have PC to edit their templates therefore this article will be very helpful to mobile bloggers who are looking for how to edit xml blogger template.

how to edit xml blogger template using Android Phone

Whenever i want to edit my blogspot site template on mobile below steps i do follow.

Download and install Jota Text Editor.APK. (Less than 1Mb).

Now go to your Blogspot site and download the current theme you want to Edit or make modifications.

How to download My Blogspot template

From your blogspot dashboard click on Theme

Scroll to the right top hand side and click on Backup/restore

Now you can download your blogspot site current theme

Having Downloaded the theme you want, Open the theme via the Jota Text Editor App and all your Codes which make up your theme will show up in editable format inside your editor.

What you have to do next is edit your theme the way you want it. Let assume you were giving an instruction to add a code under (head) all you have to do is simple click on the menu button from your editor and you will see the search button instead of scrolling through the whole theme to find (head)

Just click on Search button and type in Head and click on the search up and down arrow button it will navigate straight to the area with (Head) inside your theme

Add your Code as instructed and save your template after doing all the modifications you want.

Now go back to your blogspot site and upload the theme you just saved from your text editor and that’s all.

You can also use this similar method to discover any blogspot site template name as written here

Wrapping Up:how to edit xml blogger template

With the above easy steps , you’ve learnt how to edit xml blogger template using your Android Mobile phone.

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  1. Finally, Thanks Boss. I’ve always had to help some of my clients, extract their templates from the zip file and then upload it for them with PC, so this is a great relief for me. I’ve already shared this with some of my clients already.
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