EBook Creator Apps Docx Reader and Text Editor: How i use them in making PDF files with my android phone

Are you ready to make your first eBook using your mobile phone? then you should be looking for ebook creator app as that will be very handy and easy to use for all mobile users.

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Not quite long, we shared an article on how to create EBook with your Mobile phone via online (Converting your Web pages to EBook format). However, these methods are best for those who can build webpages of their own.

You need ebook creator apps over the online eBook Making

One reason you may not want to use the above means of making ebooks even though it seems easy to explore “is because you will have some watermarks of the eBook makers right inside your eBook unless you go for their pro version.

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Though not all online webpage to eBook converters have this feature but you may consider learning new thing in addition to the skills you’ve acquired earlier, and that’s why I’ve to put up this article regarding ebook creator app (s) you can use in making professional looking ebooks right from your mobile phone.


In this article, i will be showing two ebook creator apps you can use to make your ebooks and how to use each ebook creator app in making exactly what you want.

Apps Needed to make your EBook from your Android mobile phone

In this post we shall be needing two apps to make our ebooks and these ebook creator app(s) are: Jota Text editor and Docx Reader.

  • Jota Text Editor:eBook creator app

    This editor will help you write your eBook exactly the way you want it.

    With the help of Jota text editor, You will write your eBook with all the styles you want to include such as images, Bold, font colors, Italics, underline and other HTML stylings.

    Free eBook creator app

    Can you see the above screenshot? That’s my own text editor where am writing this post you’re currently reading now. That’s exactly how you will also use it in writing your own eBook: Download the Text editor here.apk

    Install the app on your android mobile phone, Launch the app and start writing your eBook : After writing your eBook, You can now save your file with Docx extension instead of the usual .txt. You may leave it as txt extension if you want.

    eBook creator app

    Having saved your eBook the next thing is the work of the second app (Docx Reader).

  • Docx Reader: EBook creator app

    The Docx Reader is an apk application which allows you to preview files and documents saved in extensions such as Docx, Txt, etc

    with the Docx Reader app, you can also convert your previewed documents into PDF files with just few clicks.

    Here’s how

    Download and install Docx Reader on your android mobile phone. Having installed app successfully, Simply head over to your memory card/file manager and sorth out the eBook your saved earlier with the Docx or txt extension.

    Open and preview it using the Docx Reader app. Now you will see the way you’ve structure your writing in a preview format.Just click on the menu icon from the top right hand side of the app and you will see a new drop menu as below

    eBook creator app free

    From the menu, Click on Save as PDF and now you can now save your file as PDF format. After saving your file as PDF, you can now preview your work with any eBook reader app such as ADOBE reader or other eBook readers.

    That’s just the easy method you can use in making your eBook from your mobile phone using Text editor and Docx Reader App.

    Having Created Your Ebooks successfully, You may consider looking at some top websites where you can upload your files online and get users to download without signing up. Check out here

Wrapping Up: Best EBook Creator Apps and How to use them in making Ebooks

Did you find the above post on eBook makers apps helpful? am sure the above steps and work through can help you make and create any kind of eBook you want.

Having used the suggested eBook makers app(s) in creating your ebooks, you may also consider looking at this search for Free eBook cover Makers.

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