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how to earn money as a teenager in singapore without Cost

Am pretty sure lot’s of teens are searching for how to earn money as a teenager in singapore So today we decided that it’s time for Teenagers to know how to earn money in singapore from home after keeping them behind for a while and for teens who aren’t in Singapore or have little knowledge about what it feels like to be in Singapore, let’s start with a brief overview on how to earn money while studying in singapore

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Singapore being a very affluent Country in the continent of Asia and one of the 20 smallest countries in the World with their own Dollar called the Singapore dollar is known to be a very nice place, with great things to delight in, like tall Skyscraper buildings reaching up to the sky as if it was going to hit the Skies.

how to earn money as a teenager in singapore

As a Teenager in Singapore, have you ever searched in Google the word like“how to make money online “how to make money as a Teenager” fast cash jobs singapore” plus other related terms just to learn how to earn money as a teenager in singapore while Schooling, staying at home, waiting for school to resume or just not had enough Money to be in School? I bet you have done this at some point in your life and for sure we all did because Multiple streams of income and the Freedom to make money is the order of the day with the help of the Internet and the Technology era we are in today.

We have heard of stories amongst Singaporeans where some people became so Wealthy with the help of the Internet.

Though Making Money can be daunting and complicated while at some points limited to people in certain regions and age, we want to show you how you can earn Money here in Singapore as a teenager under the Standard Adult age of 18 and we will take you on a step by step tour on achieving these without much confusion, indicating who should go for what and who should not go for something and the reasons behind our advice.

So today we will delve deep into the proven list of ways you can earn Money here in Singapore without Restriction, Limitations or challenges whatsoever connected to your age as a teenager.

How is this different from other ways of Making Money in Singapore?

Good Question you sought of asked there and the difference is in the age, there are certain websites that will clearly tell you that to participate in their Programs that you must at least be of an Adult age which is 18+ and for our Article, we have analysed, selected and we are now presenting to you the ones that can be done by a teenager without any limitations on your age.

As a matter of fact some are specifically targeted to you as a teenager and I guess you should be happy for that.

Here’s the list of some legit ways to earn Money as a teenager in Singapore.

How to earn money as a teenager in singapore

Here’s the list of some legit ways to earn Money as a teenager in Singapore

  • 1. Swagbucks: Put Cash back in your Wallet

    how to earn money as a teenager in singapore

    How is Swagbucks different from other ways of Making Money in Singapore? Because they pay Teens to do the things they already know how to do.

    With Swagbucks, you can earn Gift Cards when you shop online through designated shopping sites with great deal discoveries and lots of promo codes, apart from shopping, you can also earn by watching Videos, playing Games, Surfing the Internet, taking Surveys and engaging in Daily Polls.

    As a Teen, you are probably already doing these things anyway, so why don’t you get paid for it when there is an avenue to do so?

    As for Swagbucks points, a 100 of it equates $1 and once you are able to accumulate up to 500 Points, you can do a $5 cash out through Amazon Gift Card. But if you can be consistent enough to accumulate up to 2,500 points, you should be happily cashing out $25 Dollar Bucks into your PayPal Account.

    So in Summary if you are a teen in Singapore that normally and regularly watch Videos on YouTube, shop online, surf the Internet and do all this stuff just as part of your existence without earning extra bucks from it, then stop, make a U-turn and head down to Swagbucks to start earning from all these activities.

  • 2. Book Scouter: Sell your Textbooks for the Best Price

    how to earn money as a teenager in singapore

    The thing is, as a teenager in Singapore, there is a very high tendency that you are actually in School or currently running a School program, I mean if not all Teenagers in Singapore but a majority of Teenagers in Singapore will be in School which brings us to the Book Scouter’s mission to help you sell old Books and also rent your Books for some Bucks.

    Now this is how to go about it, head down to Book Scouter, type in the ISBN number of the Book you intend to Sell and then hit the search button, it will bring out a list of all the Vendors that will buy your books accompanied by their Offered price which always ranges between $1 – $2+ Dollars, hit the button to proceed and send the Book to the Vendor, some Vendor will pay for the shipping to get the Book to them, after Review of your Book that it is indeed in a good shape as your portrayed, your Money will be deposited into your PayPal Account.

    Now that was about your Old Books or your used Books you do not need anymore, so now what about taking it further? Sure you can do that and here is how to make much more Money, selling more Books on Book Scouter just as a Teenager in Singapore.

    Remember the story of Jeff Bezos, the Founder of Amazon? He started Amazon as an online Book store where he lists and sell Books and today he is worth $100+ Billion Dollars and wo knows, you can be next from just being you. So apart from your old books, you can go to garages, Old book shelfs and stands to pick up old Books that has been trashed by owners and in some places you can tip them a few bucks lower than what you will sell it on Book Scouter and then resell and earn even more. Please do not hesitate to share your success story with us in this post after you try it.

  • 3. Café Press: Best merchandise to express yourself

    how to earn money as a teenager in singapore

    Did you hear the story of a Singapore teen girl who draws designs of things that could be used for Prints like Mugs, T-shirts, Laptop covers, Coffee Mugs, Sweatshirts, Pillows, Tote Bags, Phone Pouch and sell them on Café Press and Red Bubble? If you heard it then Great as you are quite updated with happenings In Singapore but if you didn’t then I will take an excuse for you just this one time and Break the News to you now then show you how you can replicate that teenagers success story, you might even do more better than her if you are creative.

    So here is the deal, People love wearing T-shirts and Sweatshirts with some nice drawings on them while some people love it with some Funny, Inspiring and Motivational words on them then inspires them and the people around who will not miss the write-ups on their shirts, these write-ups never go unnoticed when people pass by and you observe that they are looking at you, No they might be reading the great words on your shirt and that’s what Café Press does.

    it allows you to design and list your Designs, Funny words and Motivational inscribing and people who selects your designs to use for their Laptop Covers, Phone Pouch and T-Shirts will pay for the shirt and the Designs and Café Press will remit the part of the Money paid for the Designs to you.

    So if you are that teen that have great artistic talent or you have a friend who is a damn good artist and is creative in coming up with words and catchy Phrases, then stop wasting away while Money is waiting there for you at Café Press, take the bold steps and head down to Café Press and make your first Sales Buddy.

    I can’t wait to hear your great success story and when you have, please head down here to this blog and tell us how you did it.

    Another great thing about revenue streams like Café Press is that it is Passive which means after you upload and make your first Sales, the sales won’t stop coming and you wouldn’t need to buy another, same design can be sold to 100,000 users all over the World till Eternity but there is one thing you must not fail to do and that is sharing.

    Share your designs on your Social Profiles and most especially Pinterest account, because you will need to put that great artistic designs in the front on people telling them that they could have that on their Phone Pouch, that could be their Laptop back cover right now and that could also be a T-shirt on them and you will be surprised how that would work and luckily for you it might go viral and everyone wants to have that on them, their Laptop or Phone.

    Wrapping up:how to earn money as a teenager in singapore

    So in Summary, I have been able to show you a few ways that you can make Money as a teenager in Singapore and I want you to take Action having learnt how to earn money as a teenager in singapore
    pick one and get that Money Buddy, you need it as a teen in search for how to make residual income online for free.

    I know that there are many other ways to make Money as a Teen in Singapore and I want you to share yours in the Comment section of this post and we might update it here and credit you for good recommendations.

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