Untold Hack to drive Targeted Traffic from Nairaland Forum

Am sure you already know about Nairaland forum but have you bordered to learn or inquire how to drive traffic from Nairaland forum?.

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Without doubt NairaLand has grown to be the largest online forum in Nigeria as at the time of writing this article.

Taking advantage of Nairaland traffic as a blogger can be very beneficiary in terms of generating free targeted traffic using Forums.

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It’s true we all know the power of nairaland traffic and at the same time it’s obvious not all of us knows how to utilized and tap from this traffic in beneficiary to our Blog.


In this article i will be teaching you how to drive traffic from Nairaland forum for free just like you already know. but before then let me show you some things you must know about Nairaland forum.

Some important Notes About Nairaland Website

Below are some of the reasons why Nairaland can even become bloggers major source of traffic without regret.

  • Fame and Popularity:

    There’s no place in Nigeria where you will mention Nairaland and it will look new because the website is very popular.

    It will surely be famous as it has been online with trust and credibility for the past 10years now.

  • Easy and Free to Use

    Despite the growth of these forum, you don’t still need to pay access fee instead you can just go and register then start publishing your articles without cost.

    This even made the forum more giant since everyone is free to post. Non bloggers can start practicing blogging even with the aid of Nairaland.

  • In addition to the above

    In addition to the fact that Nairaland is free and easy to use with fame and popularity, the website has also gained authority among it’s kind.

    Can you see the Domain And Page Authority? plus the numbers of Back links. that’s enough to tell you that what ever posted on Nairaland is liable to rank on google in no time.

When i stated i will be showing you how to drive traffic from Nairaland, you should be thinking within your mind, Is it for every blogger or certain niche bloggers alone.?

Anyone can use Nairaland in driving traffic irrespective of your blogging niche wither you’re a news, Health, Entertainment, MMO, TEch etc there’s a category fit for you on Nairaland forum.

Without time waste let us move to the days discussion on how to generate or drive traffic from Nairaland forum in Nigeria. what am going to teach you now is what i do practice and follow each time i want to drive Nairaland. so keep reading…

How to Drive traffic from Nairaland forum in Nigeria

First of all, i bookmarked the category and concerned about which is Webmasters category on Nairaland. i didn’t just bookmark it on my mobile phone instead i bookmarked the exact page for posting new article.

so that as soon as i click on bookmarked page, i can just post without having to Navigate here and there again.

What next?

Let me use my latest post as a case study:

Now having written my great article as usual on how to succeed over copy and Paste blogging, i just have to write a nice description but because my article introduction is descriptive and readers capture i just copied it see the description and introduction below.

There’s no doubt that copy and paste blogging is becoming popular everyday in the word of blogging since news, entertainment, and other blogging niches seems to be in demand by every new Blogger without minding the competition.

I won’t say Copy and past is bad and shouldn’t exits because there’s no way certain niches like : Entertainment, News, Magazine, Music and others can do without it or did you want to make your own music? even if you can edit news and others. What about download and Lyrics websites how do you go about them if not copy and paste or can you write a different lyrics to the same song? (funny it cannot be done).

The above illustrations make it very clear that copy and past blogging will never seize to exist unless in some niches, Like TecH, Health, HowTos, MMO and others this is because those niches need transparency in your write- ups so you can never excel with copy and paste if your niche fall on the above.

To the bloggers who can’t do without copy and paste, how then can we help them make success so they can also smile even with copy and paste blogging since that has become their hubby (we can’t just let them go without helping them so i have an idea that can help grow your blog rampantly even with copy and paste) but this time it’s strategic copy and paste not the usual one you do. #keep reading…

READ ON https://blogsng.com/copy-paste-success-hack/

Having written my enticing description which after reading you must click on the attached link to finish what you have started (lol). i then jotted down five headlines for the above post and below are the five headlines.

  • The Ultimate Copy And Paste SEO Hack
  • How To Succeed Over Copy And Paste Blogging
  • Hack To Get SEO Traffic To Copy And Paste Blog
  • How To Get SEO Traffic To Copy And Paste Blog
  • How To Conquer Copy And Paste SEO

Having Done that, I will then open my Bookmarked Category i talked about earlier and post with my first headline and my description.

You know that you can’t post all at once because Nairaland bot will still be busy with your newly updated post. so you have to wait for some minutes before you can post again.

Am a play boy on Facebook so after posting with the first headline i will go back to my Facebook activities and other online works while the time keep counting.

After some time i will come back again and drop the same post with the second headline. and i will keep doing this till i post all. That means i have posted 5 headlines with the same post which will drive different Nairaland visitors.

47+59+67+62+37 = 272 persons has read my post and among this 272 am very sure that over 100 will click my link because my description is irresistible.

If i had posted just one and go maybe i will only get 67 views and among them i can get around 30 clicks but with this strategy i have been able to increase the number of views even with the same Article.

I don’t usually utilize this method but it’s working fine. With the little time i do it, am sure you can see it affected my traffic positively here’s where my traffic is coming from according to Alexa ranking

Hope you can see that Nairaland is among them. hold let me show you another one. see below

I checked my all time referral traffic stat yesterday from my google analytics dashboard and the above is the result. Hope you can see the effect of Nairaland.

Tips: Make sure your headlines are juicy and attractive to click and then craft great and irresistible description they will force them to read the whole article from your Blog

Wrapping up: How to drive traffic from Nairaland forum

I didn’t advertise on Nairaland to get this traffic from them instead i used the above method which am not so serious about.

that means if you can do it strategically and more seriously than i, you will be getting visitors from Nairaland everyday.

One good news about this is that most of this visitors will turn to become your everytime viewers if they love what you offer.

If the above post on how to drive traffic from Nairaland really helps, kindly share and tweet this article below.

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  1. Fayoo said:

    Will adsense block my account for using this method??

    December 11, 2018
    • No it’s not against AdSense policy. It’s a referral traffic from trustworthy forum

      December 11, 2018
  2. Xycinews said:

    So persons claims to be smart and able to tweak the search engine. Well, no one does this tweak smartly like you. Thanks for not keeping it to yourself alone.

    February 8, 2019

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