DomainKing Affiliate program Review: Everything you need to know about DomainKing affiliate program

Without doubt, Affiliate marketing is one of the best means to make money online as a blogger. There are many affiliate programs to monetize your website irrespective of your blogging niche but we are only going to discuss domainKing affiliate program here.

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Each time i search online for top earning bloggers and their major income sources, all i keep seeing is Affiliate marketing.

I do wander: How they’ve been making so much money from affiliate marketing while many bloggers still find affiliate marketing as the toughest online business that pays.

With all sincerity, i have been making more money from freelancing than any other online business model that works ever since I’ve started blogging but that’s not because affiliate marketing is dead it’s just that am dead to affiliate marketing personally.

Having gone through many affiliate marketing testimonies, i decided to look deeply into this affiliate marketing business perhaps to earn huge like other bloggers but to my greatest surprise, My Affiliate marketing earning is becoming a surprise which i never expected. it’s making me believe that there’s no other online business which is better than affiliate marketing but that’s not true (let me explain).

The reason why many bloggers complain that affiliate marketing is difficult is because they haven’t understood how affiliate marketing works and how to earn high from affiliate marketing yet those bloggers still use other means to make money online.

In that case, There is no specific best online business online. It can only be best for you while the other man have other online businesses best to him.

One thing that makes you earn high from affiliate marketing is to discover a product worth promoting with high affiliate commission. am sure we nailed that here

However, If you’re looking for a good Web hosting and Domain Name affiliate program which pays good commission in Nigeria, am sure DomainKing affiliate program remains the best.

though I’ve been using DomainKing for the past 4yrs Now but i wasn’t much concerned about DomainKing affiliate program, all because i was dead to affiliate marketing. don’t get lost. understand it below.

What is DomainKing.Ng?

DomainKing is an Indian Web Hosting Company targeting Nigerian audience therefore we say DomainKing is a Nigerian Web Hosting company.

With DomainKing, You can buy Affordable webHosting to host any kind of website online without experiencing server related issues.

As a mater of fact, i have been hosting all my websites and domain names on DomainKing including this one you’re reading from. so i can say they are excellent web hosting company.

DomainKing Affiliate Program Review and How it Works

DomainKing Affiliate program allows you to earn 50% commission on every successful Web Hosting Sale.

DomainKing affiliate program Review

Formally, DomainKing has been paying 80% commission but just of recent i noticed it has been reduced to 50% which is not still bad to any affiliate marker to earn descent income.

DomainKing Affiliate program Review

DomainKing Affiliate program don’t pay you commission when someone purchases a domain name through your affiliate link. You only earn when your referral buy webhosting.

Immediately after your referral sign up and complete their order, The earning will reflect in Your DomainKing affiliate Dashboard which you cannot withdraw at a moment.

After 45days from the day your referral made the sign up, Your DomainKing Affiliate commission can now be available for withdraw.

One thing about DomainKing affiliate program is that: They don’t Have any specified payment threshold. You can cashout any available balance due to withdraw.

Even if you referred just one user to buy hosting from DomainKing through your affiliate link, You can request withdrawal after 45days or leave it till anytime you’re ready to withdraw.

DomainKing Affiliate Review : Payment Methods

Unlike other WebHosting affiliate programs, DomainKing has no specific payment method. In that case you’re to choose any payment method suitable for you.

Personally, i love getting my online earnings paid directly to my bank account so i have been bank method to Request withdrawal from DomainKing except from one instance were i wanted to buy domain and Hosting from them. I requested that the affiliate earning should be used in funding my DomainKing wallet.

So far the most convince means to withdraw from DomainKing Affiliate program is either through Bank or using your affiliate commission to fund your DomainKing Wallet.

With this, you can use it to make purchase from DomainKing or renew your DomainKing hosting and Domains.

How to Join DomainKing Affiliate program

There’s no different link to Join their affiliate. all You need to do is register just like other DomainKing Users.

Click here and sign up with Your details as required. After that ,You can Login Here to your Dashboard

From the top menus of your Dashboard you will see Affiliates.

DomainKing affiliate program

Click on Affiliates and Activate your affiliate account by clicking on the activation button.

And you will see your affiliate account set with your affiliate link ready for use.

DomainKing affiliate program

You can now Copy Your DomainKing Affiliate link and start promoting online. You can add banners to your website and also write reviews about DomainKing hosting to get more clients under you.

It’s just one time payment: It means after the first sign up , you get your commission but when your referrals renew their hosting, you have no commission again.

Understanding Your Affiliate Dashboard

  • Number visitors referred: This means the total number of those who have clicked on your affiliate link over time: You don’t earn when you get clicks
  • Number of Signups: This is the total number of persons who registered under your affiliate link. It doesn’t mean you will earn from all of them. You only earn from those who signed up and at the same time complete their orders
  • Conversion Rate: The number of clicks on your link divided by the number of your sign ups. This shows how your users react with your affiliate link
  • Commission pending maturation: This is the amount that is needed to reach 45days before you can withdraw. Any amount you see here need to reach 45days else you can’t withdraw
  • Available Commission balance: This is the total amount that’s ready for withdraw. You can request your withdrawal at any point in time when you have some earnings accumulated in this section
  • Total amount Withdrawn: This is the total amount you’ve successfully withdrew since your joined DomainKing Affiliate program

DomainKing usually gives ngn500 bonus to every new affiliate as at then when i joined. for now i can tell. you can try to find out

Wrapping Up: DomainKing Affiliate Review

NOTE: DomainKing Affiliate program is paying, they are real and not Scam. If you had any doubt about them before now , then you have to take that of and focus on using their affiliate program probably as an additional income source.

You can join DomainKing Affiliate program and earn even when you have made no purchase with them. it’s free to every user.

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