Details of Intel Jasper Lake processors have been announced

Details of Intel Jasper Lake processors have been announced

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Intel offers a varied portfolio of processors covering all price ranges. Special attention is paid to Chrome OS and Windows devices in the budget segment. A good example is the Celeron and Pentium processors, which are based on Gemini and Apollo Lake architectures.

Currently, these chips are used by laptops at a cost of approximately $ 300, with their devices registering increased sales worldwide.

In some cases, processors based on the Atom-platform Gemini Lake offer greater performance than Core Y. chip chips. However, price reductions have traditionally been associated with graphics performance compromises.

This situation will change with the upcoming platform called Asasper Lake, Lilliputting reports. The company plans to integrate Gen11 graphics chips with representatives of the upcoming platform.

In fact, the same technology is used by Intel in the tenth generation Core processors. In this way, the company hopes to dramatically increase the speed of the Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors.

These accessories are unlikely to affect the cost of the devices, which is another benefit for consumers. The first devices from leading manufacturers to use the new Intel processor series will be available before the end of next year.

Details of Intel Jasper Lake processors have been announced

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