DECENT updated the ecosystem of their wallets, reducing the transaction fee by 80%

DECENT updated the ecosystem of their wallets, reducing the transaction fee by 80%

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DECENT, an international company that developed the DCore blockchain technology, launched a major update of its wallets ecosystem. In particular, transaction fees have been significantly reduced, the ability to make payments using user tokens and creating an account in mobile applications has been added, the overall interface has been improved, and some bugs have been fixed.

In a press release, DECENT noted that transactional commissions reduced transactions from 0.005 DCT (~ $ 0.0005) to 0.001 DCT (~ $ 0.0001). In addition to DCT, this small payment can now be made using DCore user tokens (for example, ALX), depending on the user’s preferences.

The web wallet, introduced as a source component in the DECENT wallets ecosystem, received an improved user interface with redesigned coding for faster navigation and improved user experience. It also has the ability to use custom tokens to pay for transactions. The beta version of the DECENT wallet for Android was released in December 2018.

With its release, users can easily create new accounts directly in the application, without having to activate the wallet through the web interface. With regard to additional features, users can now pay all transaction fees using custom tokens, in addition to DCT. The iOS Wallet was launched at the end of March 2019 and has the same functionality as the Android app.

The new update adds support for UIA, as well as the ability to scan QR codes as a more convenient way to send funds. The update also includes important bug fixes to improve user interaction. “Since the launch, our ecosystem of wallets has grown significantly thanks to our team of dedicated professionals.

We are still planning to update our DECENT wallet on all platforms at the same time and constantly introduce new functions to ensure high quality and safety for all our users, ”said Matey Mikhalko, the CEO and founder of DECENT.

The project team also noted that the updated DECENT roadmap suggests the emergence of several new features in the coming months, such as the inclusion of NFT (inflexible tokens) and new software development kits.

DECENT updated the ecosystem of their wallets, reducing the transaction fee by 80%

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